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Saturday, December 11, 2004

High Court Rules Nosy Mom Invaded Privacy

Seattle: In a victory for rebellious teenagers, the state Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a mother violated Washington's privacy law by eavesdropping on her daughter's phone conversation.

Privacy advocates hailed the ruling, but the mother was unrepentant. "It's ridiculous! Kids have more rights than parents these days," said mom Carmen Dixon, 47. "My daughter was out of control, and that was the only way I could get information and keep track of her. I did it all the time."

The Supreme Court ruled that Dixon's testimony against a friend of her daughter should not have been admitted in court because it was based on the intercepted conversation. The justices unanimously ordered a new trial for Oliver Christensen, who had been convicted of second-degree robbery in part due to the mother's testimony.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am stunned to think this was able to make it to the courts.These kids have more rights then adults.I am a mother and ease drop all the time,if you care at all about your kids you do what you can to help them,but of course this is how we get paid back.Our system seems to work against the's ok if our children are out of control,well i guess our jails will be full of parents because i for one am not going to STOP ease dropping and i hope something gets changed soon.They have already done away with punishment in the schools and parents have lost control for the simple fact you threaten to spank them they say if you touch me i will call the cops.HOW about we just give the kids rights.Thats where it's heading

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely right! Privacy advocates obviously aren't trying to raise teenagers in today's environment. Isn't Seattle, Washington a Blue State?

3:31 PM  

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