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Friday, June 10, 2005

Commenter: "You proved my point"

Regarding: “You proved my point.”

I agreed that the country was indeed polarized. However, you suggested that it was George W. Bush who polarized the country.

Any president, Democrat or Republican who must lead during a time of war against a foreign enemy will always be subjected to the Left’s anti-war hysteria. The Left has always mobilized against any military action as per this quote taken from the Special Supplement: “The answer is the devastation and misery wreaked around the world by the U.S. in its role as the world’s biggest superpower. In the last two decades alone, the U.S. has launched military attacks on Grenada, Libya, Panama, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia – and this is not even to count wars where the U.S. backed a proxy force. In the Middle East, U.S. policy has left millions embittered and angry.”

This quote makes it sound like the US is “just itchin’ for a fight”. That’s what the Left wants us to believe. Let’s for the fun of it investigate why the US took military action against the above mentioned countries.

Grenada: The Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States (allies of the US) became suspicious when Cuban workers were building a 9000 feet airport runway, a little too long for the tourist trade they thought, so they contacted Ronald Reagan and asked that the US intervene. Good that they did because the US discovered the Soviet Union and Cuba were planning to set Grenada up as the third outpost of Communism in our hemisphere. El Salvador was to be the fourth. The Communist plan was to extended all the way through the Caribbean and Central America. Talk about being “surrounded” by your enemy. The 9000 feet runway was to be used to refuel and service Soviet Union and Cuban military aircraft. Reagan launched a surprise attack, freed 800 US students that were held hostage, and kicked the Communist out of Grenada. An interesting side note: The US had documents proving the Soviet plan and took them to Andrews Air Base and invited the US press to examine them. Very few reporters showed up. Instead, for several days, most of the news commentators focused on claims that the landings on Grenada had been reckless. They said Reagan was trying to turn the Caribbean into another Viet Nam. Sound familiar? No. There’s no Liberal bias or agendas in the news media.
Libya: Terrorist bombed a disco in West Berlin that was a favorite of US servicemen. An American soldier had been killed and more than 200 people including at least 50 American soldiers were injured. Intelligence established conclusively Qaddafi had ordered the bombing. On April 14, 1986 the US military bombed Qaddifis military headquarters and barracks in Tripoli. Qaddifi had sponsored many acts of terrorism during that time.
Panama: Manuel Noreiga was a corrupt dictator, drug trafficking, arms smuggling, money laundering and ruthless oppressor of his people. Noreiga challenged the US when he wouldn’t change his ways and he lost. The US established a constitutional democracy after Noreiga was deposed. He was brought to Florida and tried for drug smuggling. The entire Panama Canal, the area supporting the Canal, and remaining military bases were turned over to Panama by the US in 1999.

Somalia: This military action was taken for “humanitarian efforts”. 4.5 million Somalis were starving to death due to an ongoing civil war and famine. The country was in a near anarchy state. War lords kept stealing the relief food sent by other nations to keep the Somalis alive. Clinton sent troops to guard the convoys of food so they could get to the Somali people.
Sudan and Afghanistan: Retaliation for the deadly bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania where 242 people were killed. Clinton was trying to get rid of Osama bin Laden, the perpetrator of the bombings. Apparently, the Left didn’t want bin Laden dead then.
Yugoslavia: Civil war. Ethnic cleansing. Serbs were mass murdering Muslims and raping Muslim women. Concentration camps were created. 800,000 Muslims were murdered. The UN with NATO forces along with the US stopped the ethnic cleansing. Our military intervention was for humanitarian reasons.

Iraq: The Gulf War. Saddam invaded Kuwait. He had plans to invade Saudi Arabia. The Left said the US was trying to take over Kuwaits oil fields. Remember their slogan-No War for Oil. Well, we didn’t “steal” or benefit from their oil and Kuwait still owes us 4 million dollars for saving their butts from Saddam Hussein’s Republican Army.

Viet Nam was a protracted war. We were fighting Communism. Under the US military thousands died but the US never lost a military battle in Viet Nam. But after we withdrew, Pol Pot, the North Vietnamese Communist leader, murdered millions. It was in our national interest to keep South Viet Nam from falling under the power of the Communist.

The point is: It doesn’t matter who’s president and if that president decides to take military action for humanitarian reasons or our national interest, the Left will always oppose and vilify them in the process. They will always distort the reasons the US took military action. Like in Grenada, the Left called the action “reckless” or currently, they are calling the war in Iraq “unjust” and demanding that President Bush be arrested and tried for war crimes or at least impeached. They also want the troops withdrawn immediately. They would sooner leave the country of Iraq to the terrorist to establish a “base” for their terrorist operations, than stay and help the Iraqi people set up a stable democratic government.

You said George Bush polarized the country. You are wrong. The Left always starts the process of polarization by using distorted propaganda. They have the advantage because 80% of the Main Stream Media is Liberal, so the media is more than willing to help them spread their anti-war message. Right now the Liberal media is working the Quantanamo distortion propaganda. You know the propaganda talking points….US soldiers desecrate the Koran…Close Gitmo....blah, blah, blah. We’re supposed to believe this is “torture” and Quantanamo a “gulag”. The Left is fighting hard for the detainees civil liberties because they believe they are wrongly held. Blah, blah, blah. But some Americans, those who are not media savvy because they’re too busy trying to make ends meet and raise a family will fall for the distorted propaganda by only listening or reading snippets of the Liberal media. That’s what the Left counts on. Their message gets through and before you know it, the polls are recording that 56% of Americans believe the Iraq War was a mistake. That’s where we’re at now folks and the terrorist love it! The Left and their miserable polarizing anti-war message is the most lethal weapon the terrorist have in their arsenal.


Anonymous Marc said...

Sally- I loved that you must have did alot of research.I agree with your ideas they seem founded on fact not made up bull.Thank you for clearing the foggy air!

2:29 PM  

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