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Thursday, June 09, 2005

A Polarized America

Regarding the comment left for me beneath the "Watch, Ride, Report" item I posted yesterday: The commenter's thesis was “George Bush has polarized the country.” I'm publishing my response on the main page of the blog so it won't get overlooked. I've been quiet too long on this subject!

My response:

Excuse me….Before George Bush so much as lifted a finger to prevent another 9/11 the Left reared its anti-American empty head and began to “remind” the country just how evil the US is. Doubt my words, read this
a Special Supplement that was posted on the internet by the US based Socialist Workers Party (Liberals) TWO DAYS AFTER 9/11!!!!!!! The Left as usual, like it did during the Viet Nam era had a rebellious, bite the hand that feeds them, disloyal, traitorous, self-centered, anti-American everything tantrum before the real heroes could remove the bodies and body parts from beneath the Towers.

As the rhetoric proves in the Special Supplement posted TWO DAYS AFTER 9/11, the Left was poised, predisposed to undermine whatever action G.W. took to avenge the murder of 3000 Americans on our soil. Since TWO DAYS AFTER 9/11, that’s four years almost to the day that the Left, with plenty of help from the Liberal Media, has kept the “perceived negatives” of the War on Terror in every Americans face to break their will and resolve to counter/change the profoundly negative belief of “Jihad” in the Arab culture.

Day after day, the Left has hammered away at the vigilant with its constant anti-American whine so they can achieve their goal—to prove to the world that their skewed view of America is right. This was the Liberal agenda during the Viet Nam era, and this is the Liberal agenda today for the War on Terror. Their political tactic is to “polarize” with virulent anti-Americanisms. They’d sooner open a door for a terrorist than an American soldier. They don’t have any “solutions” for the War on Terror. They don’t need or want them. That’s not what they are about. Every word that comes out of their mouth is for one purpose, and that’s to make sure the world, especially every American, understands that America is and always will be the most evil place on the globe. That any good we have done at any point in our young history is removed from our consciousness. That when we wake up in the morning and our feet hit the floor we remember we are a racist, barbaric, greedy, gluttonous, unjust, sexist, hypocritical, stupid, self-righteous, extreme religious zealots who impose our beliefs on the unwilling, blind patriotic, war mongering, imperialist nation.

That is the Liberal message. Their agenda is to spread the word. It’s a bit polarizing, don’t you think?

It’s also a Big Lie that’s based on distortions. For every single act of racism in America, there are a million acts of racial tolerance and acceptance. For every single act of injustice, there are a million acts of justice. For every casualty in the War on Terror, there are a million “life saving” acts and so on and so on…..

Yet the Left focuses, concentrates like a cat watching a mouse, on the lone act of racism etc. to persuade the world that America as a whole is comprised of the worst of humankind.

The Left wants you to lose faith in your country and its Republican leadership, because, like Howard Dean said, they really do hate Republicans. They want you to believe as a nation we’re no good. They also want you to believe that they do what they do to “make America a better place.” I find that remarkable considering it was the Left who was in the forefront pushing the concept of “always focusing on the positive.” Remember the book that started the craze, “I’m Okay. You’re Okay.” To be fair, they practice this concept, only they concentrate on the positives of the Arab world. So when you hear that some poor soul got his head chopped off, you’ll hear the Left justify the act as “just the Arab way”….no biggee….nothing to get upset over. The Left is far more concerned with how Arabs view America, than Americans view the Arabs after they knocked the Towers down and killed 3000 innocent Americans. Not to mention they were going to take out the White House. Think of it. The White House, not Joe’s Bar and Grill down the street. The White House. You’ll find no Lefty pointing out Arab faults or practices especially Saddam Husseins. NO. They’re the “victims” of an evil society called the US. NO….we don’t want to upset the Arabs, they might nuke New York City or come back and finish the job at the White House.

Do I sound angry? Do I sound polarized? If you really care to understand just who or what polarized the American people, read the “Special Supplement” from the US based Socialist Workers Party that was written TWO DAYS AFTER 9/11 and you’ll have your answer. Like I said, its anti-American rhetoric was designed to polarize just like the same Liberal message was used to influence troop withdrawal from the Viet Nam War and cement America’s reputation as an evil society.

If you find yourself “losing your resolve” and want the troops withdrawn from Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Patriot Act diluted to nothing more than an “Order of Protection” regardless of the consequences to homeland security, then, by all means, hug a Liberal for setting you straight with their “polarizing distortions”.

Your comments welcome.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you prove my point.

9:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:36 AM  
Anonymous KAthy B. said...

Sal- You hit it on the head, as usual! The polarization exists because the Liberals see it as an effective way to take the focus off the facts.

During the past election I had many "energetic" debates about the candidates and the most telling evidence that the MSM was working its "mind control magic" was the fact that every liberal (and many undecideds) I spoke with

1) didn't like George Bush

2)had no legitimate reasons or facts to support why they didn't


3)parroted, without abandon, the BS that was flying rampant, without taking one moment to consider whether it
a) made sense,
b) seemed logical or
c)had any reasonable basis in fact.

The Liberal mindset -"1 wrong negates 1 million rights" supports itself with the "somebody else is to blame for my stupid mistakes" theory that keeps the ACLU going and the driving effort to "dumb down" the population, so that their "media mind control magic" can help them achieve the Socialist society they so desire.

Thank God (can I still legally say that?)for the bloggers who served as media watchdogs for us all during the election.

Thanks for being a watchdog for us all!

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...

Thanks Kathy b.

When it comes to the Far Left, I take no prisoners!

5:48 PM  

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