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Monday, September 19, 2005

Bush approval poll falls to 40%

Click here for CNN story on Bush poll

Bear in mind Al Qaeda cannot defeat us militarily. They can only beat us through the media. The most effective weapon in Al Qaeda's arsenal is "anti-American propaganda". The terrorist goal has always been to weaken the resolve of the American people just as the North Vietnamese took great advantage of the anti-war movement at the end of the Vietnam War. Bin Laden's strategy to win the war on terror has always been to "divide and conquer".

An overwhelming number of Americans are now against the war in Iraq. Soon the drum beat from the Left to withdraw from Iraq will grow louder. Politicians running for re-election will heed to the pressure of that drum beat to save their sorry, cowardice butts politically and push for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, just as they did during the Viet Nam War. When this happens, and it will if Americans don't stop wringing their hands over Iraq and force the withdrawal of troops too early, Bin Laden and his nest of rats will celebrate the most heinous victory known to modern man. Every point Bush drops in his polls is a step towards victory for Al Qaeda. Bin Laden knew our own media would be his strongest allie.


Anonymous kathyb said...

How right you are! We are bombarded daily with only the negative side of Iraq and few Americans take the time to truly investigate both sides of the issue, in order to make sure they really know the whole truth.

The reality is that bad news sells, media is big business and mainstream media is extremely liberal minded. How often do we see positive news about anything? The mainstream media clearly has put a negative spin on everything that President Bush has done since taking office, and rarely acknowledges his administration's efforts. I wonder sometimes what we would be hearing from them if a Liberal-minded candidate was dealing with these crises.

The Iraqi and Afghani people have proven their resolve to be free, by putting their lives at risk to exercise their right to vote. There is so much positive going on in Iraq that few of us ever get to hear, because it would balance out the cost in too many minds and lessen the impact of the bad news. That would affect ratings and god forbid that happen!

America won its freedom by resolving to stand together and many lost their lives to win that freedom for us all. Americans banded together after 9/11, because the attack was in our own front yard and against our very way of life.

Much like WWII, America was complacent about what was happening abroad and failed to see the writing on the wall until the 9/11 attack, just like the attack on Pearl Harbor. We need to wake up and realize that Hitler is on the move again-his name is Osama bin Laden. His goal is to eradicate anyone who does not follow his teachings. He is a sneaky bugger and uses hatred, terror and fear as his weapons.

If we don't stand fast in our resolve in Iraq, we can surely expect to see another Pearl Harbor, only this time the devastation will be more far reaching than any of us could possibly imagine.

10:01 AM  

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