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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Eileen-reporting from the lake in New York

hi Sally..

Yes.. just when Buddy and I were so proud to say we escaped the Katrina hurricane a few weeks ago...Here comes Hurricane Rita.... We moved from Mandeville, Louisiana 3 years ago to Houston..Mandeville is located just at the Northern end of the 25 mile Causeway Bridge, which crosses Lake Ponchatrain.. our home there was only one and a half miles from the lakefront... the Mandeville lakefront took the blunt of the damage from the Katrina storm serge... The beautiful old stately mansions on the lakeshore were ruined.... The rich New Orleans cotton traders owned weekend homes there, as it was a little resort town then.. they could even sail over the lake for about 24 miles and be at their cooler-breezy lakefront summer retreats if they wanted.. so you can imagine what they were like... They were still very much like they were at the turn of the century, built on stilts, big wraparound porches, big pillars, mostly painted white.. big stately rugged wrought iron fences surrounding them... big live oak trees..winding sidewalks for strolling.... It is so sad that they are no longer... the end of a very prosperous era in the South is lost! The lake front was a welcome site to visitors with it's grandness.. And like the Mandeville lakefront....... Galveston,TX also has grandiose mansions, that were built by cotton barrens and other traders after the last major hurricane that hit Galveston in the early 1900's. This will be gone and never to be viewed again... This storm is a devil and headed straight for Texas... Texas is strong but no match for hells nature.. You know that saying "Don't Mess with Texas" well this time we can't stop who's messin!
I am sitting here at the lake, glued to the weather channel and CNN... There isn't much we can do... Rita looks like it is headed straight for us... Our Houston home is located about 60 miles from the coast in Northwest Houston... corner of Interstate 290 and FM 1960.. if you can find us on mapquest... (we are in a subdivision called Wortham Estates)... We don't have flood insurance. In which case if it does get flooded there, we will have to try to head south to empty freezers, clean up,etc.. I am scared to death... You know, for some reason when we were about to head North this year, I did something I have never done....... I placed all my Steuben and Hawkes crystal on top of the doublewide refrigerator in the kitchen.... this is a strange feeling... Well either it is safe or it will fall nicely.... guess we will wait and see how the gods treat us.... fingers and toes crossed and praying as hard as possible for all of Texas... Just when we treat the evacuees to a warm bed and vittles.... we get a kick in the back side... FAIR???? I don't think I like this!!!
Will let you know what happens after the storm passes... wish us all luck!


Anonymous Sallyann said...

Eileen: I just checked the weather map and it looks like Rita has shifted a little more to the east. This would put Houston on the west wall of the eye. What kind of surge are they calling for 60 miles in from the coast of Texas? Are they saying you are far enough away to miss the surge?

6:06 PM  
Anonymous Eileen said...

It is Sat morning Sept 24th... long night with CNN and the Weather Channel... Looks like Northwest Houston dodged the bullet..maybe a few fallen tree branches. I am not sure if the power was lost in our corner of Houston... so am not sure about the freezers, etc at our home... Our nieighbors will take care of us I am sure... The step remains dry..
I will report more as I get the news from other friends all over the city...So far this AM I cannot get through via telephone...
Thank God... Prayers answered again!


12:34 PM  
Anonymous Eileen said...

I have spoken to our next door neighbors in Houston yesterday Sat..... Our neighborhood was spared from the terrible hurricane that was forecast and turned to a catagory 2 at the last hours... The news is only a few leaves lost from our live oak trees... power was off 37 back on.. all is fine...over and out. WHEW That was a long few hours...Thanks

8:33 PM  

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