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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

How the Left Wing Media Gets its Message Out

I’ve been threatening to post Liberal headlines from The Leader for months. Here’s some from today’s paper.

Headline—“FBI has files on celebrities”
Liberal agenda: Keep it in the public’s mind that Republicans/Conservatives are really “Nazi Fascists”.

Headline—“Jennings memorial held at Carnegie”
Liberal agenda: Newscaster Peter Jennings was a good Liberal and worthy of being honored, not like Bill O'Reilly.

Headline—“Protesters speak out against the war during federal trial”
Liberal agenda: Keep the anti-war movement in the public eye lest we catch on there’s only “four of them in the movement”. The existence of an anti-war movement gives Liberal media “credibility”and motivation to publish their agenda.

Headline—“Cigarette fire deaths drop”.
Liberal agenda: Show that the Left’s penchant for taking your personal freedoms away “can be” about “safety issues” and not civil rights.

And of course, my favorite headline—“Violence kills 6 troops; death toll passes 1,900”.
Liberal agenda: Pretend to really care about the deaths of our soldiers to force Americans to demand the immediate withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Strategy; every time a soldier dies in Iraq, publish it to weaken American resolve.

Political Cartoon—Caption: “We’ve pumped most of the water out, but there seems to be some sort of oily, toxic residue.” Cartoon drawing shows Bush sitting behind his desk in the oval office dripping in “oily, toxic residue”.
Liberal agenda: Bash Bush!

Op-Ed Page—“China crying for fairness”. Commentary by Trudy Rubin on the “growing disparity between China’s rich and poor fueled by government corruption and capitalism”.
Liberal agenda: See…even the Chinese people don’t like the gap between the rich and poor. Pushing redistribution of wealth, a time honored Liberal agenda, otherwise known as “Socialism”.

The Leader’s Editorial—“To the moon, NASA!”
Liberal agenda: Liberals don’t like spending money on NASA. They’d rather spend money on the poor and education, even though we’ve spent “trillions” and we still have poor people and kids who can’t read. This time Leader editors believed spending on Iraq and the Katrina recovery was a good argument against spending for NASA.

See how you can get brainwashed into believing the war in Iraq is wrong and the Liberal agenda right. When you have this kind of bias coming at you day after day eventually you buy it if you don't have the time or inclination to search for a counter opinion. That’s why they keep doing it…it works!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:56 PM  
Anonymous cj said...

The metaphor "War On Terror" is a tool use by the government to brainwash people into believing there is actually a war on terror. There were no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq. The American people were lied to so that we would support this war on terror.

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...

Apparently, President Clinton was a liar as well, and the U.N.(passed 17 Resolutions ordering Saddam to account for and destroy his WMD)and every international intelligence agency...all liars. Not to mention the findings of the Deulfer Report that clearly stated Saddam would reconsitute his WMD programs when sanctions were lifted. Which they would have been because Saddam was bribing key members on the U.N. Security Council through the Oil for Food program.

You're right, there were no WMD found in Iraq, but one of these days when Al Qaeda wipes out one of our major cities with a WMD, it'll be people like you who will hysterically demand a Congressional hearing to determine how the Muslims got a hold of WMD.

Your first line was revealing: "The metaphor "War On Terror" is a tool used by the government to brainwash people into believing there is actually a war on terror." Obviously, you've been brainwashed to believe there isn't any war on terror, and that would be understandable considering the fact the Left never ever mentions the enemy which is Al Qaeda. Jog your memory a bit. Remember thoses guys that flew planes into the Pentagon, the World Trade Center buildings and tried to destroy the White House. Remember them? They're the enemy that you never mention. Oh, and they're the ones plotting to blow us up right now. Don't think for a minute Al Qaeda isn't watching and taking notes on what a catacylismic event like Katrina and potentially Rita can do to the American economy. But then, why would you ponder this gawd awful possiblity. There's no war on terror. We have no enemies.

To you, much to my disbelief, the enemy is George Bush. That's all we ever hear from the Left. Never any mention of a culture that wants to murder 4 million Americans and has taken steps to do so and establish a Muslim theocracy on a global level. The Left can't seem to wrap their brains around that concept even though Hitler planned to create a "super race" and started his plan by murdering 6 million Jews. Stuff like this happpens ya know.

Nope. All we hear from the Left is just how evil George Bush is. In fact, if or should I say when Al Qaeda blows up one of our major cities you'll just say it was George Bush's fault anyway.

Fortunately, there's enough clear headed Americans to recognize an enemy when they see one. And it ain't George Bush.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous cj said...

You missed the point! It is the people that elected him, the idoits, not Bush. There is a war on terror but it has nothing to do with why we are in Iraq. You need to read Michael Moore's book.

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...

Oh My God...I've read Michael Moore's books and they are hideously inaccurate. Here's a flash...Michael Moore "IS" a liar and his lies have been uncovered over and over again. In fact, when ever he opens his mouth, he lies. I don't suppose you've watched the counter documentary "Fahrenhype 9/11" that blasts holes through every lie Moore said in Fahrenheit 9/11. Every Liberal I know never reaches out for "another point of view or fact". They just blindly swollow the Left's garbage and swear it's truth. The fact you're taken Michael Moore's insidious lies as truth makes my point.

Michael Moore is America's number one traitor. He has caused more deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan by emboldening the terrorist with his anti-American rhetoric. He was the first one to say the insurgents were "freedom fighters". What "freedoms" for God's sake are these insurgents fighting for? Women's rights? The right to blow up innocent women and children when they violate Islamic Law? The right to vote? The freedom to deny civil liberties? The freedom to live under the rule of tyranny and oppression like the Taliban in Afghanistan or Saddam Hussein in Iraq? Are these the "freedoms" Michael Moore was referring to?

Get your head out of the sand. The insurgents are not fighting for freedom in Iraq or Afghanistan. They are cold blooded murderers hyped up on an insane Islamic doctrine that doesn't have anything to do with "freedoms". They are fighting for tyranny and oppression, don't mistake what they are really about.

Burn Michael Moore's books and read the rantings of Osama bin Laden if you're interested in the truth and his plan for us Infidels. But, then again, you're won't. No Liberal I know is interested in the enemy.Like I said, the only enemy that exists for the Left is George W. Bush. That's why they follow and believe scum like Michael Moore.

I didn't miss the point, cj. This isn't Bush's War on Terror, it is America's War on Terror, that's why we re-elected him. Our president is trying to prevent another catrastrophic attack on American soil that would result in multiple-casualites, perhaps in the hundreds of thousands. And you have the unmitgated gall to attack Bush and the people who support him for trying to stop this. Have you no loyalty or mercy for your fellow Americans certain to die if Al Qaeda is not defeated?

But then again, you're a fan of Michael Moore and he said America had it coming on 9/11. Can't expect any mercy or loyalty from you.

We are in Iraq because it has everything in the world to do with defeating terrorism. But if you're reading Michael Moore you won't understand the terrorist busting nature of "democracy and a free market society". Refer to Russia, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and China or the other 200 democracies on the globe for insight on how well democracy works to keep nations from blowing each other up. And the fact remains cj, there are no WMD's in Iraq, and that is a very good thing for us.

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Selling Saddam Hussein chemical weapons in the 80's- in retrospect, bad
Slavery- bad
Child labor during the Industrial Revolution- bad
Child labor mowing lawns and babysitting- character building
African-Americansgetting the vote- good
Calling those who point out mistakes "unpatriotic"- itself unpatriotic
America- home of the brave

I find your sparring with cj amusing

9:25 AM  
Anonymous ft said...

History has shown us over and over again how the government has used metaphors to spread propaganda as a means to gain support during war time. Let's face it no one wants war. It was clearly demonstrated with the governments advertisements for War Bonds during WWII. The pairing of courageous men battling the evil forces of Hitler's army conditioned the people to believe the war was a good thing and we should give. Saying this doesn't make me a liberal or unpatriotic, it makes me educated on the power of the word.

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...

To anonymous: I find your response typical.

Notice how you must refer to past "Liberal deeds". The Left is like an old self-centered baseball player recounting his moments of glory in his youth to gain respect in the present. But he's forgotten he was a member of a team that contributed to his achievements.

I'm sure the Left would love to take full credit for abolishing slavery, but they can't. It took a mighty sizeable team with multiple points of view to win that one. But the Left refuses to let racism go. It took only 30 seconds for them to scream "racism" during Katrina. It's their parties calling card--"Hello, my name is Joe Blow and I'm a member of the Liberal party and you're not, so you "must" be a racist.

Here's a news flash for you...The Left is the party that keeps racism alive to give it a platform to stand on and a purpose for existing.

But look around you...,the rest of us have moved on. There are no racist here. Refer to the tremendous outpouring of support in the aftermath of Katrina.

Add this to your list...Al Qaeda bad.

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go getem, Sally

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Marc said...

Sally- You continue to amaze me!I am thankful for your efforts to dig and get the facts.Keeps us aware of what is really going on.

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...


I'm glad you're educated on the power of the word. Then you'll understand how traitorous Liberal propaganda is.

6:41 PM  
Anonymous ft said...

you want everyone to believe what you say, yet you don't want others to have their own opinion. thank god I don't live in your town and have the threat of you being in charge of the town and its citizens. you sound like a very prejudiced person, hope there aren't any blacks living in your town. diversity is important in this day and so is tolerance.

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...


You gotta be kidding me! I'm administering a blog for Pete's sake. a comment...otherwise known as "state your opinion!!!!! or tell me what you think...or speak your piece or spit it out.

You came here. You stated your opinion. Did you assume I wouldn't respond because I might hurt your feelings with my opinion? If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen if you're going to recoil in horror because I made a point you didn't like. With such thin skin, what in the heck are you monkeying around in a blog anyway.

Take your Prozak because I'm probably going to hurt your feelings again with my response to your comment about me being a "very prejudiced person". For starters, I don't know how you determined from what I have written that I'm a bigot. Something tells me you either have trouble with reading comprehension or you really are a Liberal obsessed with racism, an obsession that blinds you to reality. You just want and need me to be a racist for your own political gain.You are so obsessed with me being a racist, it's a waste of my time to defend myself. You just simply wouldn't believe it if I told you I wasn't. I could convince my wall that I wasn't a racist easier than I could convince you. So...Hello wall on that subject.

Regarding your comment about me being in charge of my town: Yes, I would be very threatening to people like you because I would challenge your opinions and hurt your feelings. So you're lucky you don't live here.

1:06 AM  
Anonymous kathyb said...

ft said...
"you want everyone to believe what you say, yet you don't want others to have their own opinion. thank god I don't live in your town and have the threat of you being in charge of the town and its citizens. you sound like a very prejudiced person, hope there aren't any blacks living in your town. diversity is important in this day and so is tolerance."

Here's a flash FT- providing an open forum for discussion does not require that everyone agrees with each other. Arguing one's point of view is a freedom we have in this country, unlike so many others in the world. You say "you want everyone to believe what you say, yet you don't want others to have their own opinion." Did Sal delete your post? No. She allowed you your point - is she not allowed to have hers?

That she called you out on your opinion is what blogging is all about. Being involved in meaningful discussion means we listen to what others say and if what they are spouting is not rooted in facts, then calling them out is appropriate.

It seems to me that you are angry because Sal didn't agree with your view and she stood by her convictions. I have no idea where the race card got into the middle of it, but that seems to be the favorite card for Liberals to pull out when they cannot back up their rantings with facts. Its the old - Quick! deflect and accuse.
For the record, the American people are on to this method -just look at the 2004 presidential to substantiate that one!

3:52 PM  
Anonymous kathyb said...

cj said...The metaphor "War On Terror" is a tool use by the government to brainwash people into believing there is actually a war on terror. There were no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq. The American people were lied to so that we would support this war on terror.

cj said...
"You missed the point! It is the people that elected him, the idoits, not Bush. There is a war on terror but it has nothing to do with why we are in Iraq. You need to read Michael Moore's book."

Hellooo-first of all you just called the majority of the population of the United States idoits -(by the way it is spelled idiots) and NO ONE intelligent ever attempts to quote Michael Moore because his "truths" have long since been identified for the "creative storytelling" that they are.(I am trying to be politically correct here!)

Is Michael Moore's book your only source for facts? There are a lot of really good resources out there full of facts that are substantiated by the testimony of many people (as opposed to the paranoid delusions of a 2nd rate movie director)- try the 911 Commission report and the Duelfer report, as Sal recommended.

Hard as the truth may be to accept, "the government" is not a separate, sinister body, intent on brainwashing us. For the record, WE are the government- WE elect those people (aka "the government") who represent us in Washington. The American people have been very remiss in not exercising their right to vote and holding those elected officials accountable for their actions. That is all changing now, thanks to the internet and Bloggers like Sal, who provide forums to discuss meaningful subjects, expose the liars hellbent on undermining the American way of life, and engage the American people in holding our elected officials and mass media accountable.

The good ole days of throwing mud on the other side and not being held accountable are over. Everyone is welcome to partake in the discussions, regardless of your political affiliations, but if you are going to speak your mind, be prepared to back up your statements with facts you can substantiate and NEVER, EVER quote Michael Moore as a legitimate source, if you expect anyone to take you seriously!

4:34 PM  
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