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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The boys
Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.
Today, dark and dreary as it was, Town Officials and Highway Crew signified the end of a long project with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. The salt shed's up and running and the Equipment Building stands ready to house the many pieces of equipment that Lindley citizens depend on to get them where they're going. Everyone involved with these two projects deserves a big thank you.

Thank you.

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Anonymous allen said...

i havea comment might be upsetting to some yep this is AL why is it EVERTHING IS BASED ON HERB?MARC for example harold thanked herb/marc for help hey remember me i worked as much as them who talks to union ME whotalks back harold ME who sticks up fellow workers ME but seems like im something to step over everything is herb/marc or marc herb well enough is enough NO ONE IS GOING TO STEP ON ME NO MORE IF IM NOT ONE OF THE BOYS SO BE IT ILL TURN IN MY NOTICE OF QUITTING SO THE TOWN CAN RELY ON MARC?HERB ORHERB?MARC enough said proof is in the pudding

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...

Allen: Wow, just about fell off my chair when I read your comment. But I understood completely where you're coming from.Guys like you get overlooked because you're a "quiet man". You step back from the "bright lights and stage" because it's not in your nature to draw attention to yourself. There's lots of folks like you in the world who carry their fair share of the load and never get noticed. And then one day you get to thinking about what you've done to contribute to the team, and you decide to speak up for yourself. I had a friend like that who had the same thing happen to her over and over again. She was the one who spoke up when it made a difference, she did her share of the work and then some, she had great ideas that others acted on and then took the credit. And she asked me one day, why this was happening to her. And that's when I told her exactly what I've told you. She was shy, a quiet sort and wasn't very good at blowing her own horn. All she was asking for was someone to take notice of her hard work and contributions and say "Hey. You did a fine job."

We are trained to believe that we must rest on our own laurels. That satisfaction from a job well done must come from us alone. That to expect others to continually praise us would be seen as a weakness. We are told when we're young that no one likes a "braggard". I know a few people who are constantly blowing their own horn. Most of us don't. However, most of us like to be acknowledged sometimes for a job well done. Usually, that's enough to keep us in the game. To keep us believing our efforts mattered to someone.

Quiet men get overlooked. That is a fact. But they shouldn't be ignored, because more often than not, it's the quiet ones who do just as much of the heavy lifting. You're what I'd call "the man behind the scenes".

So on behalf of Marc and Herb and Dick and everyone else involved, let me be the first to publically acknowledge your contributions as a member of the Highway crew and the building of the salt shed and equipment building. Without your efforts and hard work the Highway crew wouldn't work as well as it does. I'm positive you are a valued part of a team.

So Herb and this man a beer. I'll be bringing him a batch of chocolate chip cookies tomorrow to show him my appreciation. :-)

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Tammy said...

I just wanted to Thank you for showing up at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to document this event. These men were so proud of the new building and how nice it turned out. Everyone involved did a great job. A big Thank you to all involved!

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:26 AM  
Anonymous Gerry said...

Sally, nice job! Your email with the Leader seems to have worked this time also! Al, I am speechless. I am sorry you feel the way you do but you are the one who works there so you know how things are. I guess you have to speak up for yourself from now on. I've learned that no one else can do it for you or know what you are feeling. Good luck and keep on smiling, they will wonder what you are up to!

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmm now we know

10:25 AM  
Anonymous allen said...

ok this is al again i deeply appogize to blog/people involved i couldnt/wouldnt want to work with out them they care helpwith the heavy loadsyes herb/marcyou guys are safe enjoyable to be with dick couldnt ask for a better boss you care about our health/wellbeing the whole nine yards boil it down WE ARE FAMILY YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!! now what my point is whats wrongwith the public? i dont even go to wallmart brownies because imALWAYS harrased about there road itell them call dick caripe i cant even stop for coffee on sat morn at a dinner no matter where im at it happens yeah im noticed allright thins build up just lettin off steam again guys THANK YOU $ BEING YOU allendale

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Marc said...

New buildings are great! We will enjoy them and I think the tax payers will like seeing were some of their tax money has gone.Anyone who has time to stop and look at them i am sure will be pleased.

6:18 PM  
Anonymous shiela m said...

IM ALLENS NIECE HE WILL BE UPSET AS WHAT I SAY HE RAISEED 7 of us we know him i cant believe he would appolgize for being right a man with two degrees from penn state who loves working for the town being so ignored and not reconized by fellow workers as one of the ;boys: makes me not to ever live in lindleyborrored his puter to say this IM PROUD OF HIM for caring of others tho he isnt reconized by others thank you shiela

6:57 PM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...

Sheila M: You're a good niece and I'm happy to hear how proud you are of your Uncle Allen. But don't give up believing in us Lindley folks. We really do try to do the right thing by each other, but sometimes we "slight" each other for no other reason than getting caught up in our own lives or get distracted.You must believe me, there was no malice intended toward your Uncle.

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The New buildings are very nice!!
Thank You to all that worked on the building.Especially, Jake who got the project off the ground and moving.& The Highway Men (Allen, Marc, Herb, & Dick) you all deserve a big Thank You for all you have done.Also Thanks for keeping the roads safe for all of us.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dick Johnson is still highway supervisor-right? He must have had something to do with the construction of the new building -somewhere along the line.His job can't be an easy one,but with his years of on the job training,he must know a little bit about the town's highway dept. and what needs to be done. How about some recognition for his part and all his years of service to the Lindley residents.

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This all sounds like somebody has their nose or other part of their anatomy out of joint because someone didn't give them a hug for doing their job. If this dude has two degrees from Penn State, Why isn't he using them instead of working for the Town of Lindley? Maybe his degrees are in Afro-American Studies or some other worthless subject. He doesn't even use proper English for God's sake. If I was Dick,I would have accepted his resignation and hired somebody off the street to do what he was doing. This all reeks of SMALL TIME Politics. Must be a bunch of Liberals. Why don't you get a LIFE and do something for the town. Sally should save her cookies for somebody that deserves them like maybe the Salvation Army or some other organization. All this because Harold didn't kiss Allen's ass!!!! Bull!!!!!!!

9:56 AM  

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