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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Roadwork Report-Sept.6 to Oct. 7

road construction, the hard way
Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.
Work days: 25
Short manpower: 5 weeks; vacation one man (1 week)

Continued ditching on Mulholland Road. Hauled several loads of bank run from shop to rock job on Welty Road. Continued work on new salt building. Completed setting blocks with the help of Erwins’ excavator. Hauled I load of bank run gravel to Welty rock job as well as hauled 1 load of brush from rock job back to pit. Filled in front of mailboxes on Manley Road with modified. Completed the roof frame assembly and installed on new salt building. Completed installing canvas top on salt building. Dug grave at Fairview Cemetery. Installed new hub seal on 33v. Replaced strobe light on 99r. Finished burial at cemetery on Saturday. Completed ditching on Mulholland as well as trimming brush from roadside. Dug a ditch to bury electric service line for new building. Hauled all the tires without wheels from behind upper shed to parking lot for tire service to choose which they want for casings. 1 truck to Elmira for a load of calcium from Chemung supply. Hauled 1 load of sand from Hawbakers to shop for fill in electric ditch. Spread calcium in front of Crans on Watson and Crisses on Stoddard as well as in front of Morses on Steamtown to hold down dust where oil was torn up. Helped electrician put together conduit for electric service and filled ditch with sand then gravel. Washed 99r and 96 GMC. Helped building contractors rake, shovel, and fill with stone inside building in preparation for concrete pour. Used backhoe and dozer inside building to assist contractors with floor grade. Dozed and graded new building parking lot to lower grade then rolled for compaction. Dismounted steer tires on 33v and mounted new tires took to Harris farm to inflate then reinstalled on truck and torqued. Trailored 3 poles donated by fire dept to shop to be used for light poles. Replaced leaking oil filter on 33v. Removed mower from 301 and mounted stone rake. Dug a ditch for electric service from new building to salt shed. After electrician installed conduit covered ditch with sand then back filled. Took water truck to Presho and filled brought back to shop for contractors to use on concrete job. Continued grading on parking lot. Pushed up delivered salt into salt shed. Washed some of contractor’s concrete tools. Assisted repairman with transmission repairs on Galion grader. Pushed up salt deliver in salt shed. Graded and stone raked between oil on Welty Road. Picked up fallen headwall concrete on Welty with backhoe. Backhoe dug hole at rivers edge for water truck filling spot. Water truck loaded water at Presho then back to shop for contractors to cut concrete. Two trucks assisted Erwin hauling gravel to airport. Started working on 86 International hoist cable repairs. Completed hoist cable replacement on 86 INT. 2 truck hauled gravel for Erwin to airport until completion. Hauled 2 loads of modified from Hawbakers to shop stockpile. Replaced hydraulic line on 33v. Cleaned storm grate at bottom of Manley Road. Replaced shifter on Galion grader. Hauled 1 load of modified to Mulholland Road to rough spots, graded and raked. Completed grading and raking between oil on Ryers Creek. Worked on troubleshooting transmission problem on Galion grader. Rewelded stinger mount on cutting edge. Loosened and lubricated all stingers. Cleaned out cab of Grader. Reassembled dismantled parts from trouble shooting on grader. Repaired leaking fuel problem on J.D.301. Started grading and stone raking between oils on Watson Road. Salted newly graded areas on Watson Road. 1 truck assisted town of Erwin hauling gravel. 2 trucks assisted Erwin hauling gravel. 2 trucks assisted town of Erwin. Graded and rolled lot in front of new shop. Hauled item #4 from Hawbakers to shop for cover on new lot. Dozed and stone raked lot as well as rolled. Graded and stone raked rough spot on State Line as well as continued grading on Watson Road then salted all areas worked. Completed grading, stone raking and salting on Watson Road. Graded, stone raked and salted Town Line road. Started grading Morgan Road as well as rough spots on Anglehart and Toby Road., raked and salted. Moved sand pile at shop to allow for more grade work. Continued working on lot in front of new shop. Hauled 160 tons of item#4 from Hawbakers to Morgan Road to raise road at rough area. Graded and stone raked as well as salted. Started disassembling defective rear on 86 INT. Continued repairs to rear as well as welded up exhaust and made new battery support. Continued grading, stone raking and salting on Morgan Road. Hauled 6 loads of item#4 from Hawbakers to Morgan Road and spread with grader. Changed another flat on stone rake. Adjusted brakes on 96 GMC. Replaced defective tire on 99r with spare.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It’s very interesting reading the town crew logs describing their daily tasks, especially the amount of hours repairing their own equipment. If we the tax payer had to pay $65.00 per hour or more for each repair made it wouldn’t take many days to equal a Lindley employees yearly salary.
I don’t know for a fact but have surmised that their wages aren’t really great.
I have herd many people over the years criticize Dick for pinching pennies. We should be patting Dick and crew on the back and not kicking them in the rear. Many people that bitch about the roads are the same ones that want to say they live in the country but really don’t want to live country. They want paved roads to drive their 4x4 on so they won’t get it dirty on their way to a repair shop to pay that $65.00 per hour and sit in awaiting room bitching about our town crew making $7.50 a hour.
Keep up the good work guys and congratulations on the new town shed, it looks great.

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

let me guess - lives on a hard top and buddy of road crew?

11:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tis true about some people that purchase a place in the country-but want city living conditions. Goes back to "you knew the conditions when you purchased your property" so quit gripin "
I see where the City of Corning is having problems repairing their streets. Bet their highway boys make considerable more per hour than the Lindley boys-especially their bossman.

10:55 AM  
Anonymous kathyb said...

Yep- those facts about Corning are true. I know because their bossman (soon to be retired) is my hubby.

He has a few more details to contend with like sewer, water, garbage, streetlights, etc. than we do in Lindley but, like Dick, has more than earned the money they pay him.

For the record, Richard thinks very highly of Dick Johnson and the job he and his crew are doing! Feel free to ask him if you see him out and about!

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel the Highway men, do a fine job! Thank You Marc, Alan, Herbie, for a job well done!!!!!!A person who lives on a dirt Road!!

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just because a person doesn't like the conditions of the roads, doesn't mean they dislike or think the town crew is doing a poor job. It could mean that they believe there may be another way to improve the roads (possibly contract out some of the actual road reconstruction). This also doesn't mean we want to see the crew let go, just improved!

9:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No matter who you are or what you do there is always room for improvement or perhaps a better, smarter way to do a job if you are willing to listen to people who want to give constructive crticism. It is sometimes hard to swallow our pride and admit there might be a better way.

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is constructive criticism -then there is nit pickin.

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Lindsay Sawyer said...

I think the Lindley boys do a fantastic job, not just because they are family to me but because I witnessed first hand all the work they have to do to keep everything going. Trust me, as being daddy's little girl I had to hear A LOT of griping through the years! And yes there have been times that I would be one of those townspeople who complain about the conditions of a road to my dad, but I wasnt like fix it now, I know how busy they are and how much work they have to do, when it got done it got done. I thank all of those people who are curtious enough to give the guys time to get the work done instead of those that badger them all the time. So all in all, keep up the good work guys!

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...

Well said, Lindsay....

11:58 AM  

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