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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Joel "Henry" Hinricks III

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Main Stream Media is ignoring the story swelling around the suicide of Joel Hinricks at Oklahoma University. Bloggers have been digging into the suspicious facts surrounding his terrorist style suicide. Bloggers believe where's there's smoke there's fire and there seems to be a lot of "smoke" around Hinricks that makes people believe he had connections to Al Qaeda. "The Jawa Report" is a good blog to get the details of the story as they are evolving. Click here for the Jawa Report


Anonymous kathyb said...

Sal- This is scary stuff! My oldest son Richard had a very weird situation at Penn Tech in Williamsport last semester. He lives in off campus housing and a guy moved into the room next door to his then vanished! He left everything there, including his college ID. No one saw him or heard from him again. After a week had gone by, I was worried that there might be some sort of foul play involved. The boy who shared the room with the missing kid told me he was scared because the kid had a prayer rug and a bunch of Islamic extremist books, etc.

The kids were afraid to call the police for fear they were pulling some sort of prank, so I took matters into my own hands and contacted college security.

The college told me it was out of their jurisdiction and that I needed to contact the local police, which I did (can you believe this- you would think they would worry about the other students safety). The police went over immediately, interviewed the kids in the house and took it from there.

We never did find out exactly what they discovered from the investigation, but the police did tell me that some "students" had been picked up and deported, so who knows? My guess is that "the powers that be" are aware that college campuses are hiding places for all types of unsavory characters and are paying careful attention. Knowing that helped calm my nerves a bit.

It just goes to show you that you don't have to live in NYC or LA to be at risk, and that we all need to pay attention to what is going on around us. The good guys can't be everywhere at once and we all have a civic responsibility to each other, to do what we can to help them root out the bad guys!

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