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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Zoning Law Review-Public Hearing

Zoning Law Review
Public Hearing


Harold Semple Town Supervisor called the meeting to order at 7:05pm

The Committee reviewed the Zoning Draft and made changes to the following:
4.0.4 Added, unless they expire as defined in Section 4.1.5
4.1.5. Rewritten to Clarify
6.0.3 Added, However
Setbacks RE: Mining & Excavation
8.2.9. C, 5
8.2.9. C, 6
8.2.9. C, 7 Leave as is
C, 8 Changed as showed
C, 9 Changed as showed

Paul Mortzheim- questioned the recommended setbacks for blasting and processing.
Paul M- blasting at 2000’ OK, but 1000’ from property lines may be excessive. Change wording of property lines to neighboring principle buildings.
Paul M- a double row of evergreens should be planted as a natural buffer.

Density Control Schedule- shall be revised to encompass all aspects of setbacks in the Zoning Law. Mary has drawn up a schedule to include all setbacks that will be incorporated into the new law.

Religious & Quasi-Public uses side lot setback is 25’

Cluster developments- balance – (must have a green space)
Any road built must comply with the Town’s specifications and drainage.
Industrial and/or Commercial uses
50’ front 50’rear change to 50’ from 200’ side
200 side Buffer-between residents
Need to change to 50’ for sides
*Mary Lentzen will give a draft to Kent Woloson, and to Steuben County.

Over View of the Public Hearing:
General Consensus of the Lindley Town Board felt that the Zoning Review changes are acceptable, as long as the County reviews and accepts these changes
*Present the Overview Policy submitted by Paul Mortzheim to Jennifer Fais (Southern Tier Planning Development) and Greg Hefner (County Planner)
If Greg approves the inclusion of the Overview Policy then the Town Board will accept also. (Policy Attached)

Motion for Adjournment: motioned by Paul Stermer, 2nd by Paul Mortzheim
Jake-yes, Paul S-yes, Paul M-yes Carried

Respectfully submitted by,
Diana L. Hill
Lindley Town Clerk

Attached Attendance List


Anonymous Paul M. said...

The new Zoning Law was presented for public review on the 27th as scheduled. The committee, chaired by Mary Lentzen, has done an excellent job on this arduous task. May I be one of the first to say a hearty Thank You for improving the future perspectives for Lindley!

This is perhaps the most important document governing the town. It sets the guidelines that establish our future living environment. The effort they applied trying to incorporate all pertinent views, provide balance between the individual and the community, and incorporate all laws and regulations needs to be appreciated. The highest compliment that can be given is to read it looking for the total view it provides. (The plot line is a little weak and has a tendency to cause sleep involuntarily at times.) There certainly will be a point or two that will not match everyones' liking but that is expected in our multi-faceted society. Look at the depth and balance to see how it works to maintain Lindley as we know it.

This is a major improvement over the old Zoning Law which was not tailored to the Town's residents and was less than clear on many issues. (If you really want to go to sleep read the old one)

These folks were not compensated for this work. They spent many, many hours to include frustration and arguements to provide a major input on the Town's future. Read or scan all of it to see this and thank them when you get the opportunity!

Paul M

1:37 PM  

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