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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Thank Your For Your Support

When my fever goes back down to 104 degrees and I can sit at the computer without falling off my chair because I'm weak, and my nose stops dripping and I stop coughing long enough to type in a sentence, I'll write a proper thank you. Around 8 p.m. last night I came down with Larry's bird flu he caught from Roger Swan a week ago. I don't know how I could've escaped it. So for now "Thank You for your support"....



Anonymous Left Coast Viewer said...

So Roger is passing around "Bird Flu", I always kew he was a little "flighty"

3:12 PM  
Anonymous kathyb said...

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8:30 PM  
Anonymous kathyb said...

Well that certainly didn't work! My chart disappeared! Guess I will have to get Sal to show me how to insert a chart into a blog.
For anyone willing to try and figure out what the data means-

(1)The names are the candidates, (2) The numbers next to their names are the number of votes they got,
(3) the number next to the elected position is the total number of possible votes for all candidates in that position
(4)the number next to that is the actual number of votes cast by all voters
(5) the number after that is the number of uncast votes
(6) the percentage is the uncast votes compared to the total number of voters
Hopefully we can fix the chart so it really looks like a chart tomorrow.

8:38 PM  
Anonymous kathyb said...

Okay- Here we go again!!
Sal removed the original post, at my request, because my chart exploded in nonsense. Let's try one more time-
Hang in there Sal and get well!

I was looking through the election results in the papers this morning and saw something a bit bizarre in the numbers. I did a rural town to rural town comparison of the voting behaviors and for some reason Lindley’s are really skewed. I have a deep obsession for numbers and when something seems skewed, I cannot help myself but analyze it.

I am still working on getting the total voter counts from several other towns like Jasper, Fremont and Prattsburgh to verify my research, but I wanted to share the Lindley numbers with everyone here in Lindley, and see if I can get any of you to share your ideas about why the numbers are the way they are.

To begin with, 468 voters turned out at the polls in Lindley. That means that, potentially, for every position that was up for grabs, there were a possible 468 votes to be split up between the candidates. In the case of the Council positions, there were 2 slots and each voter got to cast 2 votes so there was a potential of 936 votes for those positions.

Below is a chart of all the positions running, the total votes cast for each candidate and the total votes that were uncast ( people didn’t vote for that position, for one reason or another). The last column shows the percentage of votes that were uncast, as compared to the total potential votes. Now I know some people experienced problems with levers sticking so they didn’t get to cast a vote for a specific candidate, and I also know that some folks had a hellacious time trying to figure out how to do the “write-in” vote, and I also realize that some folks have personal grievances with the folks running, so I know that a few of the uncast votes were explainable, but I am extremely curious as to why our percentages are so much higher than other towns like us.

I think it would be really interesting to get some feedback from everyone out there and it may help us understand how our voting habits affect us as a town. I am not sure if the numbers mean that a lot of Lindley voters vote their party line and don’t cast a vote if there is not a candidate running in their party, or don’t vote for candidates they don’t know or if some people just find the machines confusing and/or difficult to use. I am 5’8” tall and could not believe how high up the bond issues were – I had to look up to read them. Thank God I had my reading glasses, because I would never have been able to read that fine print! My 6’3” husband couldn’t figure out where the write in slots were and he is a very mechanical person. So there may be many reasons for the numbers, but I think it would be really interesting and informative to see what the reasons are.

As soon as I finish putting the other towns’ information together, I will post the comparison so everyone can see what I mean, but in the meantime your comments would be most welcome. Everyone should feel free to post as anonymous, but it is very important that you are honest and forthright in your answers. If you need an explanation about the chart or to ask any questions, please do. I create charts in a way that I understand, but I realize they sometimes are confusing as I can be!

Total Voters who Voted – 468

Candidate/ Total Total Total %
Position Possible Votes Recorded Votes Uncast Votes Uncast Votes

Orr 294
Stermer 157
Supervisor 468 451 17 3.6%

Town Clerk 468 400 68 14.5%

Town Justice 468 371 97 20.7%

Simcoe 208
Gross 163
Adams 85
Councilman 936 456 480 51.3%
(2 Seats)

Hwy. Supt. 468 369 99 21.2%

Assessor 468 339 129 27.6%

9:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many registered voters are there in Lindley?

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gadfry-must be nice not to have anything better to worry about. Lindley residents dare to be different.

11:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kathy B I will not vote for someone running unapposed it is a waste of my time to me and i have no choice on who wins just my opinion.I voted for jake and wanted to vote for jim adams but could not figure out how to do a write in vote and i did not want to vote for simcoe for personal reasons. i did get to happily vote for sally but would have liked to see a republican beat simcoe.I think people vote the way they vote for several reasons and we in lindley are a independant lot of people and proud of the way we are.Let us all start a new era and get behind sally and help her do good for the town of lindley and if someone needs to be appointed to the next council seat that may open up try to get jim adams to take the seat because i still think he would do good things for lindley.

4:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:40 AM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...

Breakdown of voters here in Lindley:
579 Republicans
201 Democrats
36 Independents
25 Conservatives
5 Liberals
5 Right to Life
3 Green Party
5 Workers (Socialist)
174 Blank

Total Males 517
Total Females 516
Total Registered Voters 1033

12:37 PM  

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