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Monday, November 07, 2005

Vote Yes Transportation Act Prop 2


As most of you know I am an active advcocate of the timely completion of the
project to make route 15 in the town of Lindley, NY a new four lane
Interstate Highway.

This is the letter that I composed and submitted to The Leader and
Star-Gazette. Unfortunatly I missed the deadline for submitting Political
Leters to The Editor and it was not published.

If you get the chance forward it to to your family, friends and contacts.


Vote Yes for the TRANSPORTATION BOND ACT on election day.

As a resident of the Town of Lindley, New York I encourage the citizens of
New York State to cast their votes in favor of proposal number two

One project that will be funded is the construction of a modern four lane
highway, built to interstate highway standards, to replace the current
two-lane US route 15 in the Town of Lindley. It is vital that this project
be started and completed to coincide with the Pennsylvania portion of the
road construction project. What if the New York portion is not completed at
the same time Pennsylvania completes their highway? All North and South
bound interstate traffic on new four lane highway will be forced to travel
on the existing two-lane road in the Town of Lindley.

If we, the voters, do not approve the Bond Act there is no way to predict
when this much overdue project will be started and completed.

Once again I ask everyone to vote for the proposal and if you have any
problem in locating the levers for the proposal on the voting machine please
ask for help from the election workers at the place where you vote.

William G. Canfield
Town of Lindley Resident

William G. Canfield
1205 Clendenning Road
Painted Post, NY 14870


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sounds like a good idea as far as the aspect of getting it done goes, but what about the costs, who is going to pay for it, are goin to get some kind of grant or are our taxes going to go up?

7:54 PM  

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