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Monday, November 07, 2005


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HI everyone,

the Presho United Methodist Church and Lindley Community Church food drive item will be Frozen turkeys!

We will be collecting these until 4PM on Thursday November 17th. this is our last food pantry date until after Thanksgiving so if you'd like to donate one, please be sure to get it to the churches or the pantry by that time.

I will be contacting Preston's to see if they will give us a special price for the pantry. I'll email everyone Monday and let you know the price.


Check the comment link for "Turkey Prices" Kim rounded up.


Anonymous Kim said...

Good morning!

Checked out turkey prices this week and here they are:

WEGMANS - .29 per pound with a $25 purchase

P&C - .39 " " " " " "

BILO - .39 per pound with coupon in their advertisement

PRESTONS- .49 per pound with $25 purchase(after Thurs. delivery).
.75 " " " no purchase if you tell meat mgr.
it is for Pantry of Angels food drive

WALMART - .68 per pound

WEIS - .79 " "

TOPS - .79 " "

ALDI'S - .83 per pound ($9.99 for 12 pound turkey)

FOODMART - .99 per pound

Don't forget to get them to the church by Sunday or Pantry of Angels by Nov. 17th at 4PM.

Happy shopping!

10:41 AM  

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