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Saturday, May 06, 2006

John Ryerss

Hi Sally- Thought your readers might find this of interest.
It explains the origin of the name Ryers in Lindley.

After 43 years , we finally located the grave of John Ryerss in Corning's Hope Cemetery.
It all goes back to an article on Lindley's history that Dick sent to the Leader in 1963 and was published. As a result ,we received a letter from a man who owned a lot in Hope next to the Ryerss stone and he was concerned because the shaft was leaning way back then. Occasionally, we would drive through looking with no luck. On Tues, we saw some caretakers working there and asked them. Fortunately-because one of the men remembered Lindleytown on the inscription-we were able to go right to the stone. This is a long impressive stone, flat on the ground now ,but lies so we could copy the inscription. " Sacred to the memory of John Ryerss(note spelling) who was born on Staten Island March 13, 1772. Died at Campbelltown April 24, 1839. He was one of the first settlers of Lindleytown to which place he came in 1797."

John was the son of the Ryerss who with a Garretson(Garrison) purchased the northern half of Lindley from Col. Lindsley about 1792. (11,520 acres)
Garretson received 1/2 (5,760 Acres) of this on the West side of the Tioga River . This would eventually be deeded to his son-in-law Joshua Mersereau -the Revolutionary War soldier and spy buried in Presho Cemetery. Some old Presho deeds refer to this as the Mersereau Tract) Ryerss received his 1/2 of the land on the East side of the Tioga. One old history mentions that John Ryerss had a store .All these men were engaged in the lumber industry so we can only speculate that this is what took John to Campbelltown where he died. .



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