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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Too Much Rain

Hi Sally-
A gentle reminder of what used to happen in Lindley before the days of the flood control dams. Mrs. Verna Austin had this picture which was taken a few weeks after they bought the former Lee Bulkley's store(right hand -side of photo).from Smitty Pease in November 1950 and which was flooded a few weeks later... As a result , they enclosed to the porch of the house at the end of the Lindley bridge for use as a store. They built the building next to the present Town Hall for their store when the "new" Route 15 was opened in 1953. Many of us old timers still call the house in the photo the Crandall house from the Elmer Crandall family who lived there after the Austins.
Found an article recently that stated the dams were being discussed as early as 1956, but were not built until 1975----a direct result of the 100 years flood of 1972.
I am sure the pictures of the flooding to the east of here last week brought back memories of the flood of 1972- almost 34 years to the date to many people .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you remember Elmer and Mary not leaving during flood sitting on upstairs balcony?

7:47 PM  

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