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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Thank You

I would like to say thank you to all the blog readers and others who attended the program on the Civil War at the Lindley Town Hall on Thurs. evening. It was gratifying to see such an interest in our local history. Hopefully, more such programs can be presented.
A special thanks to the people who brought their children and grandchildren.I was pleased to see that many there. I am a firm believer in this type of exposure to history. As a mother of four -all who are "history buffs" of some sort, I can't help but feel that the vacation time we spent going to historical places and events has had an influence on their interests and lives. It trickles down to the next generation,also. Our oldest grandson has his Masters in History and starts Arizona State this fall on his PHD in History. As historians like to quote " We have to know where we have been to know where we are going. "
Will probably miss someone, but a special thanks to Dee Hill for always being such a great helper, to Mary Lentzen for borrowing the projector and getting people seated, for Sally Orr for her support and encouragement and everyone else who helped things move along so smoothly. You are a great bunch of people and the program went well thanks to all of you. Shouldn't forget my most valued helper-my husband ,Dick. Thank you all. Doug and Terri were impressed and have offered to come back again with another topic.

While I have your attention - a quick report on the Veteran's Project.. With feedback from the blogger poll, it was decided at Town Board meeting to go with option #3( the shaft type marker). Paul M. is working on specifications that will be used to obtain bids from monument dealers. Donations given at Thurs. night's meeting totaled $131 and Dee has collected over $500 so far and will continue to accept donations due to the interest and support that has been expressed.
Lindley's veterans have served their country well and it is is only fitting that we recognize their efforts.
Thanks everyone.
Kitty .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thought the presentation wa wonderful. Great idea! Should they return again, I, as well as others I have spoke to would be more interested on the specifics of the locals that served. I know they were just starting to try to gather specific info on the local men, but it would be a lecture worth waiting for if we could find out the specifics of what those men went through and who they were. Many are interested in finding out if their relatives were involved, and if so, how. Thanks again for having the presentation!

11:35 PM  

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