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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Opening Day for the LPC Boys of Summer

Boys of Summer
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Giving speeches or facing a left handed pitcher with a wicked fast ball is all about testing your grit. And the great game of baseball has tested many.

Each of you in the coming weeks will discover that Little League baseball is a bigger than life drama. One game you'll be a hero and the next game you'll be a goat. But that is the lesson of baseball. And that is the lesson of life.

Some will tell you it's all about winning. And some will say it's how you play the game. Both are right. Baseball is a game of competition. The ultimate goal is to beat the other team. But it's also a game of individual successes and failures.

When you miss the big play or sit the bench. Shake it off. Losing builds character. Learn how to fail with dignity and know that another chance to come thru in the clutch or hit the big home run is jut but a game away. It is your destiny.

Learn how to win with integrity and never forget that you are a member of a team. A part of something bigger than yourselves.

Listen to your coaches and let them teach you. Practice and learn the skills of baseball well. Play hard and play fair. Seek the glory as a team. Seek the glory as a lone player. But most of all play for the pure joy of playing the great American pastime.

Good luck and may you all have stories of an impossible catch or the run that broke the tie to win the game to tell your children from the days you played on this Field of Dreams.

Speech given by your Supervisor on Opening Day.

Click on photo to view more pictures of the LPC Little League Opening Day Ceremony.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the coaches that participate in Little League are to be commended for the patience and dedication. The tee ball coaches are really great with the knowledge and love of the game they impart to these little tykes. Good Job all of you.

10:10 AM  

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