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Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Proper Thank You

Now that the fog of sickness has lifted I’d like to thank the following people:

Ken McKillip, Lindley Republican Committee Representative, for holding my feet to the fire and working hard on my campaign.
Bill Hatch, County Republican Committee Representative, who called once a week to see if I needed anything.
Dee Hill, Lindley Republican Committee Representative, for teaching me how to be a good Republican candidate and especially for encouraging me to always take “the high road”.
Kathy Biggio, good friend and strong supporter.
Larry Orr, supportive and understanding husband who had to eat way too many “subs” and for making my signs.
The Addison, Tuscarora and Lindley Republican Committee
The Steuben County Republican Committee
My son Erik, his wife Rochelle, Don, Mike, Sam and Zach
for getting a kick out of their Mom and Grandma running for Town Supervisor.
Ruth Orr, my mother-in-law who has been one of my biggest fans since I came into the family.
The “bloggers”. Oh those bloggers. What would I have done without them? They alone helped me clarify my platform. They never allowed me to “spit out my message” without holding me accountable. I’ll be a better Supervisor because of them.

Jim and (Margery) Adams for willing to overcome the challenge of a “write-in” campaign to give the voters a Republican choice for a council position.

Jerry Simcoe and Jake Gross who were impressive opponents. My hat is off to the both of you.

Paul Stermer for remaining a gentleman throughout the campaign. Am looking forward to working with Paul, Jake and Jerry on the Council for the best interest of the Town.

And every voter who pulled the lever for Sally Orr and the Transportation Bond Act last Tuesday.

Thank You
Sally Orr


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