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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Welcome Lindleyites

What you are looking at is the rebirth of the "Lindleytown Newsletter" only this time it is FREE and interactive due to the technological miracle of cyperspace. You can log on at this address at your leisure to keep up with Lindley news and read my rantings on social, personal and political issues. You can also "comment" on any "blog" I publish....and I sincerely hope you do.
To post a comment, go to the bottom of the blog and you will see the word "comment" i.e. (0 comment). Click on the word comment then click on post comment. A window will come up for you to type in and then follow the directions to post your comment.
I spoke with Town Clerk, Dee Hill, tonight and she assured me the good citizens of Lindley are ready to read and interact on town issues. I will post "blogs" on a daily basis so check in often. The site is in its infancy and will evolve as time goes by. I hope you enjoy reading Red-StaterWisdoms. I know I will enjoy publishing it. Pass the address to everyone you think would enjoy reading the news from a small town with lots of personality.
Thank you,
Sally Orr

"Red" morality reasons confusing

Letter to the Editor:

After reading Robert Steinbeck’s commentary, “’Red’ morality reasons confusing” in the November 27th edition of my local newspaper, I had to clear up any confusion on how the red states think. It seems determining what is moral and what is not doesn’t come easy for those who think “Blue”. But then, why would it? Blue Staters use moral relativism instead of failsafe moral absolutes. They prefer to nuance an issue like partial birth abortion until they’ve tied themselves into intellectual knots and given the Red Staters a brain freeze while trying to figure them out. Blue Staters like to razzle-dazzle the Red Staters with their “intellectual prowess” believing it keeps them immune from the Red state “stupid virus.”

Mr. Steinbeck took two-columns to analyse the morality and justification of abortion. Red Staters can do it in one sentence: We believe that when an abortion doctor cuts off the arms and legs of a near full term fetus in order to pull the baby out of the birth canal feet first and then crush its skull while the baby’s head is still in the birth canal so it won’t be “technically born” (that’s what partial birth means) is wrong, immoral and barbaric.

Red Staters have an innate sense of what is right and what is wrong.

Mr. Steinbeck confessed, “The election showed there is an America I truly don’t comprehend. It’s clear ‘red state’ folks see things I don’t see.”

That’s because he can’t see the forest because of the trees. My apologies for the cliché, but it says it all. Blue Staters would do well if they quit “over analyzing” moral issues in search of a truth—they’re really not seeking. I have yet to meet a Blue Stater who really cares to understand where Red Staters are coming from. They’re far more willing to understand the “root causes of terrorism” than they are of understanding the root causes of what makes America more Red than Blue. An Aunt Mabel in Kansas scares, confounds and angers them more than an al-Zarqawi does in Iraq.

Mr. Steinbeck, Red Staters understand a Blue Stater such as your self. You’re not mysterious nor are you complex. We understand Christianity is far more dangerous to you than Islam. We understand Christmas Carols sung by public school students are so offensive to “the two of you” in the auditorium, one of the two of you will call the ACLU in to seek “corrupted constitutional therapy” to treat your discomfort. We understand you “don’t get” that our Founding Fathers meant the state should never establish a “state church”.

There's more.

We understand some of you would prefer to move to another country than live in America under the rule of the Red for four more years. We understand waving an American flag is offensive to you. We understand you believe we are racist and homophobic. We understand you believe the war in Iraq is unjust and imperialistic. We understand you believe "only" US soldiers commit war crimes. We understand you need a “body count” from Iraq to make Red Staters feel guilty for supporting the war. We understand you hate George Bush and actively work to get him impeached. We understand you’re threatened by the success of Fox News. We understand your love of a conspiracy theory--you made Michael Moore rich. We understand you are not offended by Hollywood’s cat-in-heat moral and live-and-let-live ethical standards. We understand you distrust government, but still insist government solve all social issues. We understand you hate Corporate America and would prefer a more “socialist” approach like Canada or Cuba. We understand that the benefit of “philanthropy” is lost on you.

We understand the Blue States will continue to lose elections until they understand and appreciate Red State morality. Mr. Steinbeck, you have four years to "over analyse" how Red Staters "see things". You better get started.