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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Kuhl Road Detour-In My Opinion

Okay…this is my opinion on the status of the Kuhl Road Detour.

To begin with, NYSDOT is very unhappy with my “reporting” on the subject, so much so, they have scheduled an Informational Meeting, January 18, 2006 at the Town Hall to make sure they get to counter any “inaccurate information” floating around in the community and especially what I post on the blog. They don’t want me messing with their figures and casting doubt on their reasons why they chose to build the Kuhl Road Detour. They will also be seeking support from the community for the project to silence the impacted residents on Kuhl Road. However, if a citizen “other” than one of the Kuhl Road residents, (we are just flat out of the picture at this point), expresses a “safety concern” or feel they are “inconvenienced” by the Kuhl Road Detour at the Informational Meeting NYSDOT will investigate and implement measures to minimize any impacts or inconveniences they may incur as a result of their project. NYSDOT said they’d do the same for us, but we residents grieved our concerns already and pretty much got the door slammed in our faces. We all got “it’s a trade-off” lecture.

The problem is: Nothing I say on this blog is going to stop NYSDOT from detouring 10,000 vehicles down Kuhl Road for 6 to 8 weeks and then leaving the “temporary bridge” open until the four-lane is completed to Presho. (Insert your own time-frame when you think this is going to happen.)

To say NYSDOT’s minds are made up would be an understatement, but NOW they feel a responsibility to “inform the Town” on the Kuhl Road Detour project, four years too late.

Where were they four years ago?

In their research/information packet they sent me after I asked how in the heck didn’t the Town or the residents on Kuhl Road know anything about the Kuhl Road Detour, they said they had attended a meeting January 28, 2002 with Harold, Dick Johnson and Dee, who was there to take the minutes, to discuss the detour as well as other “first-mile” project issues. Dee, Harold and Dick said after I questioned them, the issue of the Kuhl Road Detour came up, but in no way were they left with the impression after the meeting that it was “approved”. They all said the pros and cons of the detour were briefly discussed and then dropped. Harold, Dee and Dick all said they never heard about it again and we’re as shocked as everyone else who attended the December 13th Board Meeting.

NYSDOT said in their research/information packet, “Town Officials expressed no objections to this plan at this meeting.”

Fact is: By the meeting with Harold, Dick and Dee in 2002, NYSDOT was well aware that the Kuhl Road Detour was a “go”.
Excerpt from the “research/information packet sent to Kuhl Road residents”:

Value Engineering: The use of Kuhl Rd/Watson Creek Rd for the local road connector was recommended in a Value Engineering Report dated June 2000 that was prepared by an independent consulting firm retained by NYSDOT for review of the Route 15 project. They recommended this change even though it adds cost to the project because it is safer than the “button hook” design shown in the FEIS.

But again, the January 28, 2002 meeting between NYSDOT and local officials is a moot point at this juncture in the road. It’s still not going to change the fact that Jim Ball is getting his property reduced to a postage stamp, or the fact that we’re getting “severed” from the use of our barn and the other residents on Kuhl Road will be adversely impacted for a stupid detour that belongs Back Up on Route 15 where it belongs.

Mind you, at the January 18th Informational Meeting, NYSDOT is going to lean on “safety issues” to justify the construction of the Kuhl Road Detour. Elroy Young leaned on “increased tax base for the Town and a new road for the Stevens Road residents” to get support for the Presho Landfill, and we all know how that ended.

More on this subject later…..

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Speaking of Route 15

There's been a two car collision on Route 15 at the bottom of Stowell Hill Road. There's a report of minor injuries and Rural Metro is on the way to the scene. Traffic is now stopped, but vehicles were traveling through the scene immediately after impact.

News as it comes..

What the "Politicos" said about the Rt. 15 Funding

After a phone call to NYS Senator George Winner’s office, I have this to report about the funding process for the Route 15 Improvement Project. It goes something like this:

When we received the $20 million from the federal government and the $30 million from the passage of the New York State Transportation Bond Act, we were essentially moved to the “head of the line” to receive the “rest of the funding” from the state or federal governments for the completion of Route 15. The fact that we got “50 million already” makes Route 15 in Lindley a “committed project. The $50 million will be used as “leverage” to acquire the last stages of funding needed to complete Route 15. Think of the 50 million as “collateral”.

Now…in order for our politicians to secure the extra funding that is floating around in Washington or New York State to complete Route 15, we must “lobby” the politicians lest they “forget about us”. Things happen in our government and priorities shift. Much like what happened after 9/11 when Hillary Clinton secured money for the Route 15/I-99 Project through the NAFTA window of opportunity. That money designated for Route 15 went to New York City in the aftermath of the attack. It is highly unlikely monies will not be forthcoming to complete Route 15 because of its “committed project” status. And no, we’re not going to lose our 50 million-- it’s just going to take time to get to us.

A legal instrument called a “Memorandum of Understanding” is attached to both the federal money and state money we’ve already secured. Legally, what that means is: Everyone and their uncle knows that the $50 million is ours and is to be used to complete Route 15.

Now, the reason the 30 million from the state is not tucked in an account today somewhere in Albany totally accessible to us, is because the “bonding process behind the Bond Act” has not been structured yet but is expected to be by the summer of 2006. At that point in time, money will be “distributed” to “whoever” needs it for the Route 15 Project, quite possibly to the “design phase” that Paul McAnany referred to at the Town Board Meeting, Dec. 13th.

This is the best explanation with the information I have at the moment.

Lindley Town Board Minutes-Dec. 13, 2005


Meeting called to order: 7:00pm Harold Semple-Town Supervisor
Town Board Members Present: Paul Stermer-Councilman
Jacob Gross-Councilman
Paul Mortzheim-Councilman
Gerry Simcoe-Councilman
Dick Johnson-Highway Supt.
Diana L. Hill-Town Clerk
David Fuller-Code Enforcement
David Edmister-Dog Control
Attached attendance list

A motion to accept the minutes (with corrections) from November 15, 2005, Town Board meeting.
Motioned by: Paul Mortzheim Seconded by: Jake Gross
Jake-yes, Paul s-yes, Gerry-yes, Paul M-yes CARRIED

Public Comment

New York State Department of Transportation Region 6
Paul E. McAnay-Regional Design Engineer
*Penn Dot bid’s are opening March 2006
*Will be using dirt from NY to go up to the Bridge, which connects to NY
*Connection-1 mile construction in to NY –the 1 mile to Watson Creek is to start in 2007-they will also be replacing wetlands-which will go down by the colonial coach trailer park.
*Route 15- 2-6 miles are still pending: The design plans are still pending: As there is no money for this project yet.
*To start the design of this project (Route15, 2-6 miles) from start to finish will take 3 years.
*Kuhl Road-is going to be used for the Detour for 6 to 8 weeks, while the new highway connector is being built.
Paul McAnay: said there is no money for the design* have no idea when they will have the money, we need to push to have the 2-6 miles completed.
Bill Canfield: is Thomas Madison the acting Commissioner of Transportation?
Dennis Smith: Environmental Impact-when do they expire (Paul said they expire 3 years before the project starts, but this project has started so it won’t expire.
Dick Pierce: are they watching the bridge in Lawrenceville, PA-(Paul yes, they are watching the bridge and are aware and also are watching the roads. This bridge most likely will be turned back over to Steuben County.
Terry Hill: This highway is not safe. You take your life in your hands when driving this road. You have 23 million dollars, why can’t you earmark 1 ½ million for this project design? Does this money expire? (Paul-No the money doesn’t expire) Do you realize that you have put people a lot of people on hold.
Paul Stermer: once the first mile is completed- this is going to make this part of the road worse because of the funnel effect on the last five miles, it will become a death trap.
Paul Mortzheim: do you realize that the statistics (6 more people will die on this road,) before you have this project completed.
Paul McAnay: you must put pressure on Peter White (DOT) & Randy Kuhl-to get the design project started for this project. Also you need to contact George Winner, Jim Bacalles.
Paul Mortzheim: ask about the Tax Base-what is the major impact on the taxes for the Town of Lindley. The last three years we have not received any money from the trailer park, what is the ratio?-no compensation for moving the people, the town has lost a lot of taxable property.
Jake Gross: in the 1st mile, will they do the welcome center? (Paul – not at this time, but they will build the area up, there is no money at this time to build it)
Bill Canfield: Who will be the designer of the 1st mile, (Paul-it will be from in house) we will be ready when PA gets to the border.
Gerry Simcoe: the Kuhl Road detour-will you have to put a bridge on Kuhl Rd. (Paul- it will be temporary, the bridge will be taken back out when the connector is finished, the most traffic will be for the 6 to 8 weeks when route 15 is detoured down the Kuhl Rd.
Harold: should we start a letter writing campaign?
Paul McAnay: do a public informational meeting, for help to get the officials moving.
Brad Drake: someone didn’t give us the right information concerning Route 15, these people have worked very hard to get this project moving, these people shouldn’t have to go begging again to the politicians, this needs to be done!


Fran Woodring: Thanked Harold for all he has done, while serving as the Town Supervisor.
Harold: Thanked Bill Canfield & Fran Woodring, for all they have done on this Route 15 project.
Gerry Gross: Thanked Harold for all he’s done for the Town.
Kitty Pierce-Town Historian: Veteran’s Plaque is coming along well, (Harold must make a transfer if money is there).
Dave Fuller-CEO- gave a letter to the person who lives next door to the East Lindley Church.

Need a motion to Transfer Money from A1990.4 to A1450.4 amount $100.00 (elections)
Motioned by: Paul Stermer Seconded By: Gerry Simcoe
Paul S-yes, Gerry-yes, Jake-yes, Paul M-yes CARRIED
Need a motion to Transfer Money from A1990.4 to A4540.4 Amount $250.00 Rural/Metro
Motioned by: Jake Gross Seconded By: Paul Mortzheim
Paul S-NO, Gerry-yes, Jake-yes, Paul M-yes CARRIED


It is noted that a monthly report was received from the Town Supervisor, & Town Clerk, & Highway Dept. & Code enforcement for the month of November 2005; they are on file in the Town Clerk’s office.

Paul Mortzheim: the 911 posting: there will be no list, because I don’t want people to be ticketed. They must post the signs.

The Year end Town Board Meeting is scheduled for Thursday December 29, 2005 at 7:00pm.

The reorganizional meeting will be held January 10th, 2005.

Motion to pay the Bills: General Abstract# 12 380-407 $3953.69
Highway Abstract# 182-200 $22485.43
Motioned by: Paul Stermer Seconded By: Gerry Simcoe
Paul S-yes, Gerry-yes, Jake-yes, Paul M-yes CARRIED


Jake Gross: asked Dick about the Machinery Contractual D5130.4. Is the money from Fortuna There?
Dick: the Fortuna Money was to replace the base & then to put fabric on the road, then put gravel on top of the road
Dick will talk to the County-concerning the Chips account (for the Fortuna money).

Need to make a motion to transfer from D5140.4 Brush & Weed
To D5130.4 amount $1698.00
Motioned by: Paul Mortzheim Seconded By: Paul Stermer
Paul S-yes, Paul M-yes, Jake-yes, Gerry-yes CARRIED

Need to make a motion to transfer from D5110.4 Cold Patch
To D5130.4 $5532.00

Motioned by: Jake Gross Seconded By: Paul Stermer
Paul S-yes, Jake-yes, Gerry-yes, Paul M-yes CARRIED

Change the Haw Becker bills all to come out of account D5130.4

Audited Supervisor’s Books
Audited Town Justice’s Books

Motion for Adjournment
Motioned by: Paul Mortzheim Seconded By: Jake Gross
Paul S-yes, Jake-yes, Gerry-yes, Paul M-yes CARRIED

Diana L. Hill
Lindley Town Clerk

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What Happened at the Dec. 13th Board Meeting

As everyone knows the wheels of government move slower than molasses in January, and I apologize for not getting back to you sooner with an explanation. But in the last few days I’ve finally found the “language” to describe what happened at the Town Board Meeting last Tuesday night. So let’s start with what we learned from Paul McAnany, the Regional Design Engineer during his presentation at the last Board Meeting.

Paul began by telling the audience that the funding for Route 15, the 20 million from the federal government secured by Randy Kuhl and the 30 million from the passage of the New York State Transportation Bond Act was no guarantee that the entire six miles of Route 15 would be completed. Of course, this put the audience on edge because what he was saying was the direct opposite of what we all believed to be the case in light of the recently passed New York State Transportation Bond Act. Many in the audience questioned Paul about the Bond Act wanting to know why the money supposedly earmarked for the Route 15 Improvement Project was suddenly “not available” according to him. Everyone in the audience knew that Route 15 was included in the Bond Act’s project list which I posted on the blog several weeks ago. That’s why we voted for it. Paul also led us to believe that the 20 million from the federal government was unavailable to us also. So you can understand why we were “confused”.

After a round of key questioning by members of the audience, Paul began to clarify what he meant. In short, Paul explained that the money the “Lindley Route 15 Task Force”, our own lobbying group, Bill Canfield, Fran Woodring and a host of other people who have worked to secure for the completion of Route 15, was considered “leverage” to acquire even more funding for the project “in stages”. Paul went on to explain that this is the procedure once a project is considered “a committed project” and used the I-86 project to illustrate his point. He said that once the I-86 project began the money needed to complete the “entire” project was not in place. Paul said, it never is and it’s up to the politicians pushed by lobby groups (us) to continually “look” for more funding from the state or federal government to finish projects.

The next question from the audience was: “Is Route 15 a committed project?” This is where it got confusing again. Paul stated that the “first mile” was committed because of the deal New York made with Pennsylvania years ago to provide a transition mile into New York. Funds are available. He then said that the funding for the “design phase” of the project for the second mile to the sixth mile in Lindley was “Not” allocated as of yet and it was up to us to lobby the politicians to get the money for the design phase, a phase that would take around “three years” to complete. Now we all thought the six miles to be completed “were ALREADY designed”. Not true, according to Paul. We also thought that the passage of the NYS Bond Act made Route 15 a “committed project”. Not necessarily true, according to Paul.

Then, during the middle of all the confusing information, Paul casually mentioned that the “Kuhl Road Detour” was well underway as if that would give us hope that NYSDOT was “actively” working on the project. Now this is the part where I should recuse myself because I’m intimately involved, but I won’t for the sake of getting this information out, but it was quite clear from the audience’ reaction that no one knew about the imminent construction of the Kuhl Road Detour, including Larry and me. The state plans to turn Kuhl Road into a detour when the first mile of the four-lane is “connected” to the two-lane. The state plans to re-route 15,000 vehicles a day, both northbound and southbound onto Kuhl Road for six to eight weeks while the “connector” is being built. They plan to build a “temporary bridge” on Kuhl Road that will be taken out WHEN ROUTE 15 IS COMPLETED, not after the connector is finished in six to eight weeks as was reported during the board meeting. Kuhl Road becomes the local access road to Lawrenceville. Traffic volume on Kuhl Road is expected to increase a thousand fold as it will carry the combined traffic of 80% of all local and county roads in the Town of Lindley to get to Lawrenceville. Traffic from the surrounding areas outside Lindley is expected to use Kuhl Road to also avoid the “treacherous funnel effect” of a four-lane choking down into a two-lane on Route 15. Kuhl Road will become the second most heavily traveled road in the Town of Lindley aside from Route 15.

NYSDOT is telling residents on Kuhl Road right at this moment that the detour and bridge are temporary for the duration of six to eight weeks. This is simply not true. After the “connector is built”, the two-lane section of Route 15 that runs into Lawrenceville will be barricaded, and all access to residents living past the connector will be shut off. The Kuhl Road Bridge MUST remain open until the entire six miles of Route 15 are completed when “old Route 15 would re-open” and even if money were allocated tomorrow the project would not be completed in less than 15 years.

The absolute kicker to this dilemma for all affected is the fact that NYSDOT designed a “detour and access road to Lawrenceville” NEXT to the connector paralleling Route 15 where it would not adversely affect anyone and serve the same purpose as the Kuhl Road Detour. NYSDOT “abandoned” this design because they were worried about safety for their construction workers for the six to eight weeks while the connector was being built. Instead, they chose to adversely affect nine residents on Kuhl Road and spend thousands more than what the detour and access road next to the connector would have cost.

Basically, this is what we learned at meeting. What I’ve reported about the Kuhl Road Detour came from conversations with NYSDOT officials that took place after the December 13th meeting. This is an emerging story and I will keep everyone updated when I feel comfortable that I’m getting “correct” information.

Planning Board Minutes-December


The regular meeting of the Lindley Town Planning Board was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairperson, Mary Lentzen. Members present included, Gerry Gross, Jason Ballard, Jim White and Earl Titus. The CEO, Dave Fuller, and six visitors were also present.

Minutes of the November 21 meeting were read. A Motion to accept the minutes as read was made by Earl, seconded by Jason and carried unanimously.

Minutes of the December 12 Public Hearing were read. A Motion to accept the minutes as read was made by Jim, seconded by Gerry and passed unanimously.

Mary noted that Jennifer Fais could not attend tonights meeting but will attend the meeting in January.

As requested at the Dec. 12, 2005 Public Hearing on the property at 485 River Road, the Board researched minutes and related documents concerning its history. In 1985 Bickley Van Duyne applied for a variance to allow placement of a mobile home which was denied. In 1996 Dan Larrison applied for a CUP to build a one story A-frame dwelling. After much study and discussion the CUP was approved but the dwelling was never built. The issues brought up in 1985 and 1996 have been addressed.

Mary also addressed each concern raised at the December 12 Public Hearing (see attached report).

Mary asked for further comments. Gerry asked Dave when he was going to measure the property?
Dave said he did not measure with a tape but did pace it off and stated the property is OK for a single wide.

The Board agreed they heard nothing in the discussions to cause them to deny the CUP request.
A Motion to approve the CUP request to place a single-wide mobile home at 485 River Road was made by Jim, seconded by Jason. The Motion carried unanimously. An Environmental Impact statement was also filed.

The CEO noted he had received notice from Allen Engineering that their charge for Perc tests will increase January 1 from the current $300 fee to $400. They also have asked that the CEO do the final inspections and give his report to the Engineering firm. If they do the final inspection, they will charge an additional $300. The Town inspection fee is $25. Dave noted residents can use any engineering firm they desire.

Earl moved to adjourn at 7:20 p.m., Gerry seconded. The Motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Janice Oberlander
Recording Clerk

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Special Planning Board Minutes-December


At 7:00 p.m Chairperson, Mary Lentzen, called the Special Meeting to order with Board Members Manley Davis, Jim White, Jason Ballard, Mark Swan, Gerry Gross and CEO David Fuller present. Fifteen visitors were also present.

A Public Hearing began for property (Tax #406.00-01-021.000) at 485 River Road. On November 7, 2005 Katie Peterson filed for a CUP to place a 1986 singlewide (14' x 70') mobile home on her property located at 485 River Road.

Mary stated the NYState Dept. of Health policy requiring that wells must be 100 feet from a highway does not apply to a private residence; it only applies to public wells. She also stated that all prior back taxes on the property have been paid.

Jim asked Katie if her property line goes on to Mr. Lauterborn's driveway? Katie stated her lawyer notified her of the encroachment problem but said she would not make an issue of it since it did not restrict her use of her entranceway. Katie owns the entire turnaround at the top of her driveway. When asked about lot size, Katie assured the Board she had measured and re-measured and her lot complied with all the necessary zoning requirements. (No specific lot measurements were given.) Katie also stated she would be regrading so that front yard would be 50' wide and back yard would be 35' wide. Mark asked if lawn would be over her septic, not parking and Katie said that was correct.

Public Comment: Several visitors expressed concerns that the lot is an undersized lot (1.9 acres); several people have tried to place homes on the same lot over the years but were denied by the Planning Board. Mr. Burrell Morse stated that while he was CEO for the Town in 1990 someone on the Planning Board stated that no mobile home or residence would ever be allowed to occupy that lot. He suggested the Board needs to research that meeting before they make their decision on the property.

Mary stated that the current zoning law density schedule at the time of Katie's request allowed for a one acre lot. The new zoning law which became effective in December requires a 2 acre buildable lot.

Ted Lauterborn urged the Board to be thorough and consistent in their decisions and told how difficult it was for him several years ago before he was given permission to place his mobile home on his lot. He felt people are not treated uniformly; it all depends on who you are. Duane Lauterborn does not believe Katie has 50 feet from road center to her trailer and the highway curve is very dangerous near her driveway.

Katie hired an Engineer to determine her septic requirements which are different from her neighbors because the soil is different. Gerry stated the Town must abide by NYState zoning Law and is trying to clarify the Law.

Gene Smith referred to 11.9,C9 of the zoning law which says that land within a hill that is in excess of a 25% slope shall not be developed as individual residential lots. Dave has interpreted this as a buildable area for structure only as long as setbacks are met.

Dick Pierce suggested that the Board advertise that those who purchased the old Zoning Law book turn them in for the new Zoning Law book.

Harry Pierce stated there has been a history of problems with that lot; if this lot was denied before how can it be approved now? Jim stated the Board cannot differentiate between a mobile home or a stick built residence; it must have the required square footage, 840 sq ft minimum.

Steve Paulhamus stated he had no problem with trailers but was concerned about their maintenance. If this proposal meets all of the Towns requirements then there is nothing more we can do.

Mary stated the site plan presented meets all the requirements and, according to the Town Attorney, no Variance is required. The two major concerns Mary understood from the Public discussion were the steep slope and the different standards that have been used over the years.

The CEO stated Katie's final site plan must show exact measurements, if she gets her CUP, then she can move forward with a building permit application.

Gerry stated Gregg Heffner should be contacted for the County's interpretation of distances from the County Highway. The Board will also verify that the steep slope does not apply; will research the 1990 Board Minutes to see if they pointed out anything prohibiting further trailers on that lot. While the Board has 45 days to make a decision, they will try to have a decision by the next regular Board meeting, Dec. 19. Mary will call Katie if the decision is made earlier than Dec. 19, 2005.

Mary closed the Public Hearing at 8:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Janice Oberlander
Recording Clerk

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Open Thread

I'm re-grouping efforts in the work to get Route 15 funded and completed in a "timely" manner. The Town of Lindley was "sucker punched" last night at the Board meeting. NYSDOT sent an emissary to deliver bombshell bad news on the status of the Route 15 project. Welcome to the world of bureaucrats.

When I get half a minute I'll relate what happened at the Board meeting last night. This fight ain't over yet!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Historical Perspective on Conducting War

General Lee did not return to his headquarters until 1 o’clock on the morning of July 4. Brigadier General John Imboden, commanding an irregular band of cavalry that had been liberally foraging the countryside to the west, was waiting there for him. Lee dismounted and, Imboden wrote, “threw his arm across the saddle to rest, and fixing his eyes upon the ground leaned in silence and almost motionless upon his equally weary horse,” Imboden commiserated: “General, this has been a hard day for you.”

“Yes, it has been a sad, sad day to us,” Lee replied, and then (Imboden recalled) “relapsed into his thoughtful mood and attitude.” But suddenly he roused himself to speak vigorously of the battle just fought. “I never saw troops behave more magnificently than Pickett’s division of Virginians did today in that grand charge,” he said. But, he went on, they were not supported as they were to have been—“for some reason not yet fully explained to me”—else “we would have held the position and the day would have been ours.”

Thus, if General Imboden’s account can be accepted, some nine hours after the event Robert E. Lee had convinced himself that his plan for Pickett’s Charge was perfectly sound. Only its execution had been flawed.”

The task assigned to Imboden was to organize and lead a train of wagons and ambulances to carry the army’s wounded to the Williamsport crossing of the Potomac. His route was to be westward through the Cashtown Gap in South Mountain, then a southward turning to reach Greencastle and the Williamsport Pike to the Potomac, some forty-two miles all told. In addition to the 2,100 troopers of his so-called Northwestern Brigade, Imboden was given two batteries of artillery and the assurance that the cavalry of Wade Hampton and Fitz Lee would protect his rear. As General Lee put it in his instructions, Imboden’s watchwords must be secrecy, promptness, and energy. A citizen of Greencastle who watched this army of wounded pass by put it more simply: “Hurry was the order of the day.”

Beginning about 1 p.m. on the 4th a steady, pounding rain increased Imboden’s problems manyfold, yet by 4 o’clock that afternoon he had the journey under way. He estimated this “vast procession of misery” stretched for seventeen miles. It bore between 8,000 and 8,500 wounded men, many in constant, almost unendurable agony as they jolted over the rough and rutted roads. One particularly bad stretch was known locally as the Pine Stump Road. The teamsters had strict orders: no halts for any cause whatsoever. “Of all the nights that I spent during the war I think this was the saddest,” wrote one of the escorting cavalrymen. Another trooper remembered that “the cries of the wounded and dying were awful.”

Fred H.Young 1912-1949

Fred Young 1912-1949
Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.
Kitty sent this photo of Fred H. Young, Elroy and Joe's father. He was also Town Supervisor years ago. I'll be posting the list of Lindley Supervisors as soon as Kitty gets it to me. Kitty's goal is to get photos of past Supervisors to hang in the Town Hall. Please contact Kitty if you have a photo of a past Supervisor whose photo isn't already displayed at the Town Hall. Kitty's trying to get as many photos as she can.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Reunion at T.J. Presho House

Reunion at Presho House
Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.

Click on headline for enlarged view.

Grab Grandpa and Grandma and ask if they recognize anyone in the photo. I'm pretty sure Ruth Orr knows some of the folks who posed for this picture.

Coat Drive

Greetings residents of Lindley and surrounding areas!

Happy Holidays to all!

There is a family of 7 at the Lindley-Presho school who are in need of financial help this season in order to provide gifts to the family. If you would like to donate to the cost of a gift card from Walmart for them, please give your donation to Linda Swan by Dec. 18th. she will get it to the family worker at L-P school who will make sure the family gets it.

Also, a coat drive is being held at the Presho United Methodist Church. All donated coats will be given to the Community Clothing Closet at Lindley Community Church. Please bring new or gently used coats to the Presho Church or to Linda Swan and she will get them to the CCC.

Thank you for your generosity!

Kim Snyder

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Find the C-PP Vision

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Family in Need

Greetings residents of Lindley and surrounding areas!

Happy Holidays to all!

There is a family of 7 at the Lindley-Presho school who are in need of financial help this season in order to provide gifts to the family. If you would like to donate to the cost of a gift card from Walmart for them, please give your donation to Linda Swan by Dec. 18th. she will get it to the family worker at L-P school who will make sure the family gets it.

Also, a coat drive is being held at the Presho United Methodist Church. All donated coats will be given to the Community Clothing Closet at Lindley Community Church. Please bring new or gently used coats to the Presho Church or to Linda Swan and she will get them to the CCC.

Thank you for your generosity!

Kim Snyder

Monday, December 05, 2005

Vote Facilities Improvement Project

Corning-Painted Post Area School District
Summer 2006 Facilities Improvement Project
Vote on December 6, 2005
7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
at Lindley-Presho School

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Christian Peacemakers Link