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Friday, September 30, 2005

The Real Enemy

While the Left focuses on "Bush The Enemy", Army Gen. John Abizaid, head of U.S. Central Command details the plan of our "real" enemy--AL QAEDA.

Click here for the details

NYS Transportation Bond Act-Project List

For those interested in the "Project List by NYSDOT Region" of the NYS Transportation Bond
Act 2005 click here

It's a heady read, but it breaks down the highway projects by region.

Thanks Kathy B. for sending the link......

VOTE YES on the Transportation Bond Act 2005 November 8th.....

County Route 106

County Route 106
Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.
During the Community Meeting with George Winner and Jim Bacalles, Gene Steinhilper complained about the paving project on County Route 106 or commonly known as Church Creek Road. Gene had many concerns about how the county was repaving the road, one of which was he felt the county trenched the ditch too deep in front of his house preventing him from mowing it during the summer.

Dee Hill had given Gene County Legislator Bob Nichols phone number and suggested he call Bob to help him out with his problem. So today Bob, Vincent Spagnoletti and Harley Mayo from County Public Works drove up to talk with Gene.

It was decided that the county would come back and "bevel" the top edge of Gene's ditch so he could mow to the bottom.

The county widened Rt.106 considerably and raised the road bed by eight inches and ten inches on some of the curves. The plan is to resurface with oil and stone this year, and then come back next spring and repave with blacktop because it's too late in the season to blacktop this year. The county is also going to raise the mailboxes for residents to level them with the height of the reconstructed road.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Power of the Town Meeting

Rep. Kuhl adds Social Security bill

By Jeffery Smith
The Leader

Responding to concerns from local residents, U.S. Rep. John R. Kuhl Jr. introduced federal legislation Wednesday he says will make Social Security more solvent. Kuhl is one of several Republican representatives that crafted the bill to stop Congress’ long-time practice of raiding surplus money from the Social Security fund.

The bill seeks to protect the Social Security surplus and dedicate it to private accounts for workers under the age of 55, if they choose to participate. The private accounts would be invested in Treasury securities, used to supplement worker’s benefits and would be inheritable.

The idea to protect surplus funds in the Social Security system came from several area residents who attended town hall meetings hosted by Kuhl throughout the 29th District. “A message that has resonated loud and clear in my town meetings is that people want to be sure that the Social Security surplus is not raided to pay for unrelated programs,” Kuhl said. “The new bill that I’ve authored and introduced is a result of the meetings.”

Proposing to set up separate accounts for workers is similar to the Bush administration’s idea of reforming the retirement benefit system. Estimates are Social Security will begin running at a deficit as early as 2017 when more will be paid out of the system than is contributed.

“My legislation stops the raid on surplus and keeps the funds from being used by other programs,” Kuhl said. “It ensures that surplus funds will be used only to pay standard Social Security benefits to future retirees. This is not a solution to the long-term problems facing Social Security. Rather, it’s a measure designed to immediately stop the bleeding.”

Note from Sallyann: I believe it was Dick Pierce who made the suggestion to invest a percentage of Social Security in low risk investments to Randy Kuhl at his last Town Meeting here in Lindley. See...the ideas that come up in a Town Meeting often have merit.

Community Meeting with Senator George Winner

The Community Meeting started out by me asking about the status of the NYS Transportation Bond Act that includes funding for the completion of Route 15 to be voted on this November. I was curious to know if the financial consequence of Katrina and Rita would impact the Bond Act here in New York State. There had been rumors in Washington that the Federal Transportation Act was under consideration to “peel of its pork” to free up more money for the reconstruction of the Gulf Coast. Congressman Randy Kuhl had earmarked $20 million for the I/99-Route 15 project here in Lindley in the Federal Act.

Senator Winner and Assemblyman Jim Bacalles stated that the NYS Bond Act was a done deal and would be on the ballot this November. They also said the Federal Transportation Act would remain as it was since no action would be taken to cut back on any project earmarked in the legislation. So it looks like the $20 million from the federal government to assist in the completion of Route 15 is coming our way. Jim also stated that it would be rare if New York State cancelled the Route 15 project once the engineering and environmental impact studies were completed which they have been for Route 15. If the NYS Bond Act does not pass in November then it’s back to the drawing board, but we remain at the head of the line to be included in yet another NYS Transportation Bond Act.

There was a discussion on high gas prices and if you’ll refer to George’s website you can get the details on state legislation coming down the pike to cap sales tax on gas, a savings between 8 and 10%. George also said they are working on a $200 rebate for people in the enhanced STAR program to help low income households with high heating bills this year.

Gene Steinhilper came to the Community Meeting to protest about the way Steuben County resurfaced Church Creek Road where he lives. Gene said when the county tore up the black top and resurfaced with oil and stone it made for unsafe conditions because of the loose gravel. He didn’t think the county graded the gravel properly. Gene said, “There’s piles of gravel all up and down the road. The surface was not graded smooth.” He also said the county over dug the ditches, according to him the ditches are six-feet deep. He also wanted to know what the county spent on resurfacing with oil and stone rather than repairing the road with blacktop or resurfacing with blacktop.

Dee Hill suggested he speak directly to Bob Nichols, our County Legislator, with his concerns.

Henry Thomas from Presho suggested George work towards getting cameras put in the courtrooms because of the unfair treatment African-Americans were experiencing in the New York judicial system. Henry also mentioned that hurricane Katrina brought national attention to the plight of poor people and asked George and Jim to create a commission to look at the issue of racism in America.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Senator George Winner, Jr. Community Meeting

Senator George H. Winner, Jr.
Community Meeting
September 29th
At the Lindley Town Hall
From Noon to 12:30 p.m.
Assemblyman Jim Bacalles will join the Senator at the Town Hall
Contact George Winner at:

Looking for "Crop Walkers"

Hi Sally,

Are you familiar with the Crop Walk? I'm organizing walkers through Presho Church.

Crop Walks are ecumenical, interfaith community events that support self-help development programs, emergency needs, and help address the root causes of poverty and powerlessness through programs of Church World Service within the U.S. and worldwide. 25% of the money collected stays in our area.

The Corning Crop Walk is Oct. 16th. If anyone would like to walk and get sponsors to support them, they may call me at 523-7715 for info.


Monday, September 26, 2005

Planning Board Minutes-September


The regular meeting of the Lindley Planning Board was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Chairperson, Mary Lentzen. Members present included Manley Davis, Jim White, Gerry Gross, Mark Swan and Earl Titus (7:13 p.m.). The CEO, David Fuller, and 1 visitor were also present.

Minutes of the August 15, 2005 meeting were read; Manley moved to accept the minutes as read, Mark seconded and the Motion passed unanimously.

Mary noted a Public Hearing on the Zoning Law Draft was held on August 16, 2005 with only two residents of the town in attendance. A Public Hearing to vote on the Zoning Law proposal will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2005.

Mary distributed copies of Planning News concerning the conference Oct. 9-12 in Saratoga and has on file the Guide to Technical and Financial Assistance for Economic and Business Development Leaders.

Dave had no CEO report as his computer died; stated Mr. Heffner still has not cleaned up and Dave needs more time to pursue this matter. Mr. Heffner was issued a ticket some time ago and while Mr. Heffner has talked via phone with the Town Justice, he has never appeared in court. Time is running out on the ticket and the Sheriff may need to become involved.

Mary has asked Diana Hill to place an ad for another Board member as Jason Ballard can no longer serve.

As there was no further business, Earl made a Motion to adjourn at 7:14 p.m., Gerry seconded and all agreed.

Respectfully submitted,

Janice Oberlander
Recording Clerk

Sunday, September 25, 2005

A New Memorial

Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.
The family of Brian, Nicole and Jamie, the kids from Buffalo who were killed on Route 15 a few years ago, came by today to erect a new memorial to replace the one the state removed when it mowed this year.

I spoke briefly with the family to tell them their children did not die in vain nor would they be forgotten by the people in Lindley. I told them the memorial meant as much to us as it did to them.

The family in turn requested that I thank everyone from town who sent cards and letters expressing sorrow over their loss. They commented on how much those cards and letters meant to them in their hour of grief.

So you all know who you are...From the families of Brian, Nicole and Jamie, thank you for your acts of kindness during a most troubling time.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Navy helping out with Katrina victims

Sent: Monday, September 19, 2005 11:47 PM
Hi everybody,
Here is a great story of just some of what all the Navy is doing to help out with Katrina victims. You won't see any of this on the Communist News Network (CNN) or liberal AP outlets though. Please share with anybody who seems to think the military isn't doing more than anybody else. There is a reason that President Bush said that the Military is doing more (and more capable of doing) things to help out the victims. enjoy. Fair winds and Following Seas to all.
September 19, 2005Navy gives battered Biloxi food, medical careBy William H. McMichaelTimes staff writer
BILOXI, Miss. — It’s 5 p.m., and a long line of hungry local residents seems to perk up at the scent of fresh tomato sauce and garlic bread wafting from the school cafeteria’s serving line.
“Where are those good greens?” one woman asks one of the sailors serving the food. “Right over here, ma’am,” the sailor replies, motioning to the salad bar on his right.
The first post-Hurricane Katrina food served at the impromptu shelter here at the spanking new Biloxi High School, located on the city’s north side, was a hot dog on a slice of white bread that was prepared by local residents. Then, the Red Cross tried to fill the food needs for a couple of days.
“And now, the Navy has just saved our butt,” said Bill Vandreuil of Greenwood, S.C., a retired lieutenant commander and Red Cross volunteer.
On Sept. 9, four days after arriving off the Biloxi coast, some of the 50 sailors who’d come ashore from the amphibious assault ship Bataan were cooking two hot meals a day — about 550 were served Sept. 9 — for Biloxi residents, many of whom were now homeless and living in shelters after their homes were destroyed by Katrina. Navy people were taking turns and sometimes working alongside sailors from the dock landing ship Whidbey Island; the teamwork, Vandreuil said, was “really remarkable.”
Most of the sailors, who also handed out MREs for lunch, aren’t even cooks.
“It feels good,” said Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Fuels) 2nd Class (AW) Nytricia Francis. “I went through a hurricane [Andrew] myself. To actually do it, to help,” she said, smiling broadly, “it’s a good experience.”
“As long as I see kids smilin’, I’m happy,” said Culinary Specialist 2nd Class (SW) Terrance L. Mounger.
About 120 sailors from the Whidbey Island had also joined the effort and, along with sailors from the Bataan and the Dutch frigate HNLMS Van Arnstel, were helping Federal Emergency Management Agency and Red Cross officials all over the city.
“They were incredible!” said Smoky Gibson, youth pastor for the First Baptist Church of Biloxi, the site of a huge relief center that combined church and civil efforts down the road from the high school. “Just tireless. I don’t think we asked them to do one thing. We had guys loading stuff, getting people where they needed to be. Some were out there directing traffic.”
Some of that “stuff,” as well as support equipment for Marines assisting federal officials, came ashore on air-cushioned and standard landing craft that landed on the Biloxi beach near the city’s wrecked casino district. That was the only suitable spot they could find. “Everything else was fouled,” said Capt. Nora Tyson, the Bataan’s commanding officer.
Medical care started
Under an overhang near the high school serving line, Navy medical teams provided free inoculations. Inside one of the classrooms, limited emergency care was available.
“I feel privileged to actually come down and do this,” said Hospitalman Seaman Kyle Tucker, out of Jacksonville Naval Air Station, after giving a tetanus shot to local resident Michael Poole. The medics had administered 389 shots over the previous two days.
The Bataan had just finished a training exercise near the Panama Canal and was moored in Ingleside, Texas, when the word came down to get underway for the relief effort. All the ships and crews involved came on short notice, a fact that Tyson said underlines the success of the Navy’s post-Sept. 11 ability to maintain a higher state of readiness.
“They know there’s a reason for what we do, whether it’s the global war on terrorism or humanitarian relief,” Tyson said. “If you’re not flexible and you’re not ready, you’re in the wrong business.”
v/r, and r/
Robert Rogers

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Eileen-reporting from the lake in New York

hi Sally..

Yes.. just when Buddy and I were so proud to say we escaped the Katrina hurricane a few weeks ago...Here comes Hurricane Rita.... We moved from Mandeville, Louisiana 3 years ago to Houston..Mandeville is located just at the Northern end of the 25 mile Causeway Bridge, which crosses Lake Ponchatrain.. our home there was only one and a half miles from the lakefront... the Mandeville lakefront took the blunt of the damage from the Katrina storm serge... The beautiful old stately mansions on the lakeshore were ruined.... The rich New Orleans cotton traders owned weekend homes there, as it was a little resort town then.. they could even sail over the lake for about 24 miles and be at their cooler-breezy lakefront summer retreats if they wanted.. so you can imagine what they were like... They were still very much like they were at the turn of the century, built on stilts, big wraparound porches, big pillars, mostly painted white.. big stately rugged wrought iron fences surrounding them... big live oak trees..winding sidewalks for strolling.... It is so sad that they are no longer... the end of a very prosperous era in the South is lost! The lake front was a welcome site to visitors with it's grandness.. And like the Mandeville lakefront....... Galveston,TX also has grandiose mansions, that were built by cotton barrens and other traders after the last major hurricane that hit Galveston in the early 1900's. This will be gone and never to be viewed again... This storm is a devil and headed straight for Texas... Texas is strong but no match for hells nature.. You know that saying "Don't Mess with Texas" well this time we can't stop who's messin!
I am sitting here at the lake, glued to the weather channel and CNN... There isn't much we can do... Rita looks like it is headed straight for us... Our Houston home is located about 60 miles from the coast in Northwest Houston... corner of Interstate 290 and FM 1960.. if you can find us on mapquest... (we are in a subdivision called Wortham Estates)... We don't have flood insurance. In which case if it does get flooded there, we will have to try to head south to empty freezers, clean up,etc.. I am scared to death... You know, for some reason when we were about to head North this year, I did something I have never done....... I placed all my Steuben and Hawkes crystal on top of the doublewide refrigerator in the kitchen.... this is a strange feeling... Well either it is safe or it will fall nicely.... guess we will wait and see how the gods treat us.... fingers and toes crossed and praying as hard as possible for all of Texas... Just when we treat the evacuees to a warm bed and vittles.... we get a kick in the back side... FAIR???? I don't think I like this!!!
Will let you know what happens after the storm passes... wish us all luck!

Cub Scout Sign-up Successful

Hi Sally,

Just wanted to tell you that it was really great tonight (September 20th) to see so many parents and grandparents out at Presho United Methodist Church to sign their kids up for Cub Scouts. I believe there were enough adults to fill all needed positions!


An invitation to dance (circa 1894)

dance invitation 1894 (2)
Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.
Hi Sally:

Time to investigate some history again. The attachment is a postcard donated to the Town files by Jack Smith. It was sent to Guy Barnard of West Caton, NY. The card was given to Jack by his cousin. Guy Barnard was a cousin to Jack's grandfather Westcott.
1. We had always heard the "old" town hall was built in 1898/9.Lindley history says about 1897. So was the Lindley Hall another building-or are our dates for the "old' town hall wrong.? We know the "Old Town Hall" was built about the time of the bridge built in 1898- that was replaced in 1989..
2. Burr would have been the father of the William Burr who wrote a brief Lindley history in 1950's. Does anyone still have a copy of this book.?
3.Think O.H. Riffle may have been Henry Riffle's ancestor(father???_ ) Does anyone know? Is there a Riffle genealogy that could be copied for the historian files?
4. I believe Geo. Pepper was an ancestor of Virginia (Pepper) Kittel . Am I correct??
5. What is a select dance?
6. What do we know about the Cornet Band?

Isn't it amazing how one little item like this can stir up so much history?


PS. Another long term project. I am looking for photos of the Town Supervisors before Fred Young. We have the ones since then, but wouldn't it be fun to see what the Old Town Fathers looked like??

Open Thread

For your enjoyment.....

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

How the Left Wing Media Gets its Message Out

I’ve been threatening to post Liberal headlines from The Leader for months. Here’s some from today’s paper.

Headline—“FBI has files on celebrities”
Liberal agenda: Keep it in the public’s mind that Republicans/Conservatives are really “Nazi Fascists”.

Headline—“Jennings memorial held at Carnegie”
Liberal agenda: Newscaster Peter Jennings was a good Liberal and worthy of being honored, not like Bill O'Reilly.

Headline—“Protesters speak out against the war during federal trial”
Liberal agenda: Keep the anti-war movement in the public eye lest we catch on there’s only “four of them in the movement”. The existence of an anti-war movement gives Liberal media “credibility”and motivation to publish their agenda.

Headline—“Cigarette fire deaths drop”.
Liberal agenda: Show that the Left’s penchant for taking your personal freedoms away “can be” about “safety issues” and not civil rights.

And of course, my favorite headline—“Violence kills 6 troops; death toll passes 1,900”.
Liberal agenda: Pretend to really care about the deaths of our soldiers to force Americans to demand the immediate withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Strategy; every time a soldier dies in Iraq, publish it to weaken American resolve.

Political Cartoon—Caption: “We’ve pumped most of the water out, but there seems to be some sort of oily, toxic residue.” Cartoon drawing shows Bush sitting behind his desk in the oval office dripping in “oily, toxic residue”.
Liberal agenda: Bash Bush!

Op-Ed Page—“China crying for fairness”. Commentary by Trudy Rubin on the “growing disparity between China’s rich and poor fueled by government corruption and capitalism”.
Liberal agenda: See…even the Chinese people don’t like the gap between the rich and poor. Pushing redistribution of wealth, a time honored Liberal agenda, otherwise known as “Socialism”.

The Leader’s Editorial—“To the moon, NASA!”
Liberal agenda: Liberals don’t like spending money on NASA. They’d rather spend money on the poor and education, even though we’ve spent “trillions” and we still have poor people and kids who can’t read. This time Leader editors believed spending on Iraq and the Katrina recovery was a good argument against spending for NASA.

See how you can get brainwashed into believing the war in Iraq is wrong and the Liberal agenda right. When you have this kind of bias coming at you day after day eventually you buy it if you don't have the time or inclination to search for a counter opinion. That’s why they keep doing it…it works!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Jim Adam Announces Candidacy

Republican Jim Adams has stepped up to the plate and will run on a "write in" vote this November for a Council position.

Get the facts straight!

Excerpts from Bill O'Reilly's "Talking Points" from last night's Factor:

O'Reilly said: "But, I just can't sit here and let rank propaganda go unchallenged as most of the elite media does all day long. Now yesterday, President Bill Clinton appeared with George Stephanopoulos on ABC and said this about the poor and Katrina.,2933,169880,00.html ( for complete Talking Points segment)

Again, here are the facts. Black homeownership is up 2 percent under President Bush. Poverty spending is significantly higher under Bush than it was under Clinton. Educational spending for poor school districts is higher under Bush. And the poverty rate stood at 13.7 percent halfway through Clinton's tenure. It is 12.7 percent halfway through Bush's two terms.

This "tax cuts for the rich" business is also blatantly dishonest. It's a ruse for the secular left to institute their income redistribution scheme. Under President Clinton, the tax rate climbed higher than at any time in history except in World War II. President Bush then came in and cut taxes for everyone. And guess what? Federal tax revenues will be more this year than at any time during the Clinton administration!

Why? Because business is booming. That's why. Capitalism is working. And the more money corporations and workers make, the more taxes roll in, even at the reduced rate.

So let's recap. Black homeownership up under Bush. Poverty entitlements up under Bush. Educational spending for the poor, up under Bush. Federal tax revenues, up under Bush. Are you taking this down, George Stephanopoulos?"

Monday, September 19, 2005

Bush approval poll falls to 40%

Click here for CNN story on Bush poll

Bear in mind Al Qaeda cannot defeat us militarily. They can only beat us through the media. The most effective weapon in Al Qaeda's arsenal is "anti-American propaganda". The terrorist goal has always been to weaken the resolve of the American people just as the North Vietnamese took great advantage of the anti-war movement at the end of the Vietnam War. Bin Laden's strategy to win the war on terror has always been to "divide and conquer".

An overwhelming number of Americans are now against the war in Iraq. Soon the drum beat from the Left to withdraw from Iraq will grow louder. Politicians running for re-election will heed to the pressure of that drum beat to save their sorry, cowardice butts politically and push for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, just as they did during the Viet Nam War. When this happens, and it will if Americans don't stop wringing their hands over Iraq and force the withdrawal of troops too early, Bin Laden and his nest of rats will celebrate the most heinous victory known to modern man. Every point Bush drops in his polls is a step towards victory for Al Qaeda. Bin Laden knew our own media would be his strongest allie.

Allstar team-Early 80's

Allstar team
Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.
Was pawing through old photos and came across "the boys from summer".

Can you identify any of them?

Click on the photo..there's more in flickr.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Results of Democrat Caucus

Democrats endorsed Paul Stermer as their candidate to run for Town Supervisor

Jake Gross will run for Town Council

Gerry Simcoe will run for Town Council

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Republican Primary Results

Paul Stermer--58 votes
Sally Orr--110 votes

Lindley Town Board Meeting-September



Board Members Present: Harold Semple-Town Supervisor
Paul Stermer-Councilman
Jake Gross-Councilman
Gerry Simcoe-Councilman
Paul Mortzheim-Councilman
David Edmister-Dog Control
Dick Johnson-Highway Supt.
Diana L. Hill-Town Clerk
Attached Attendance List


Paul S-yes, Gerry-yes, Paul M-yes, Jake-yes CARRIED


Diana Osgood: asked Dick about paving Bell Hill Rd. * Dick said he needs to put a base on the road,
Dick will put this in next’s year budget (2006), to do the work for Bell Hill Rd.

Teresa Stocum: asked if there could be an agenda for the Town Board meetings, & asked if I could post the Budget Hearing on the Blog.


It is noted that a monthly report was received from the Town Supervisor, & Town Clerk & Highway Dept. for the month of August 2005, they are on file in the Town Clerk’s Office.


Harold Semple-Town Supervisor:
NYMIR: will look at a program for next year 2006.
Rural/metro called about a missed payment for August 2004. will send a voucher for the payment:
Motion to pay the bill when voucher comes for August 2004>
Paul S-yes, Jake-NO, Paul M-yes, Gerry-yes CARRIED
John Kheun (Sprague Ins.) looking into Insurance coverage for the new Storage Building & Salt Building* next month will have the bill.

** Harold stated that August 31st, 2005, the Union contract had been agreed on and signed.
**Harold stated a new employee hired in 2006, the Health insurance would only cover the employee. Harold said Paul Mortzheim would make a presentation.
**Paul Mortzheim: reviewed the figures of the health insurance for the Town Highway Dept. employees, (what family insurance is costing the Town).

Consensus of the Taxpayers attending the meeting, feel the need to hire someone now and under the 2005 contract.

Kathy Biggio & Sally Orr: presented to the Town Board a Financial Impact of Immediate Hire Statement:
Net saving to the Town Board by Immediate Hire would be $1143.62 because the new guy would be paid less money per hour: statement attached to minutes. The Town will save more money on insurance when someone retires.

Marc Stocum: You need to hire now, so the person can be trained on the equipment and be ready for the bad weather. Do not wait until January. Dick should make the decision to hire now.
Allen Neal: We want the new guy to have the same insurance we do. It was in the budget already for Ronnie.

Harold stated that Dick can hire at any time, after he has received all the applications and reviewed them then he can hire at his discretion. Also if Dick wants help reviewing and making a decision, the Town Board will help him.

Public hearing for the Zoning Law Review is scheduled for Sept 27th, 2005 at 7:00 at the Lindley Town Hall.

Bills: General Abstract #9
Highway Abstract #9

Paul S-yes, Paul M-yes, Gerry-yes, Jake-yes CARRIED

Paul S-yes, Paul M-No, Gerry-yes, Jake-yes CARRIED

Paul S-yes, Gerry-yes, Jake-yes, Paul M-NO CARRIED

Respectfully Submitted,
Diana Hill
Lindley Town Clerk

Monday, September 12, 2005

Vote September 13th

Paul Stermer
Sally Orr
NOON TO 9 p.m
At the Lindley Town Hall

Friday, September 09, 2005

Star-Gazette Candidate Questionnaire

A week or so ago the Star-Gazette sent each candidate running in the area local elections a Candidate Questionnaire to fill out. Well, Paul and I filled it out.

Click here to read our answers:

Calling All Democrats September 14th

To the enrolled voters of the Democratic party of the Town of Lindley
Steuben County, State of New York:
Take notice that a Caucus or Convention will be held on the 14th day of September, 2005, at 7 p.m. at the Lindley Town Hall for the purpose of designating candidates for Town Offices to be voted on at the next ensuing General Election.
Date at Lindley, NY, August 31, 2005
Town Com.
Gerald Simcoe
Jacob Gross
Geraldine M. Gross

Chicken and Biscuit Supper

The Presho United Methodist Church is sponsoring its annual Chicken and Biscuit Supper on Saturday, October 1st.

There are Four Seating Times: 3;30, 4;30, 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. by reservation.
Reservations for 3:30 and 4:30 seatings--Call 523-7332
for 5:30 and 6:30 seatings--Call 523-7735

All you can eat includes beverage and a variety of pies.

Donation requested:
$7.50 Adults
$3.50 Children under 12
Free Preschoolers

Takeouts can be reserved at 523-7286 and must be picked up at 3:00 p.m.

Anglehart (harrison hill) School 1952(+,-)

Hi Sally,
One of your readers recently inquired about a photo of the
Anglehart(Harrison Hill) School. Fortunately, Ian Mackenzie(who is writing a book about the schools in the area that became part of the Corning /Painted Post School District in 1957) and I happened to be in the 6 Nations School,Tyrone,NY on the same day. He has very graciously sent a copy of the Anglehart School that he had found in his research. He did not give the source. He,also, inclosed a copy of the page in his book that tells about the school. If anyone can shed some light on the youngsters in the photo or has more information about the school,both Mr. Mackenzie and I would appreciate receiving it.
Thanks-hope your reader sees the photo.
Have a good day.

Click on this URL to read Ian Mackenzie's info on Anglehart School