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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Lindley-Presho Fire Department Called Out

The Lindley-Presho Fire Department was called out tonight around 9 p.m. for a motor vehicle accident (rollover) on Bliss Road. The department was recalled enroute due to the MVA being in the Pennsylvania juridiction.

Standoff in Gang Mills ends peacefully

Click on the headline for more details about the standoff in the Star-Gazette. Story by Ray Finger

Special Unit Van in front of convenient Store

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Please excuse the double photo postings. My blogger server in down. Will correct when it's back on line again.

Will also correct contradicting report about whether or not the police were in communication with the father. The father said he wasn't aware of any standoff outside because he and his son were inside sleeping.

Update on contadictory first report: Billy Abbey had barricaded himself in the bedroom and knew the police had surrounded the building. Still can't confirm if the police were in actual communication with him.

Update: Two sources tell me that the altercation between Abbey and the tenant in the lower apartment started over Abbey alledgedly beating his girlfriend when the tenant tried to stop it.

Hostage Situation is OVER

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Sources tell me the hostage situation was over at 11:40 a.m. The father along with his son came out peacefully and the father was taken into police custody.

The father said he didn't know there was a standoff because he and his son were upstairs sleeping.

The swat team broke a window to get in.

Sources tell me charges are pending against Billy Abbey, the alledged person involved in the standoff.

Police discussing a plan of action

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The mother of the eight year old is on the scene with other family members. Just as I was leaving to return home and post the story for worried parents with children attending the Erwin Valley Elementary School where school officials had ordered a lock-down, the "Critical Incident Response Team" was preparing to "storm" the apartment building.

State Police Spokesman

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A spokesman from the State Police informed media as to the tense situation. Their goal is to calm the distraught man and have been in constant communication with him.

Special Units Respond to Gang Mills Hostage Situation

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The Critical Incident Response team was called to the scene.

Hostage Situation on South Hamilton Street in Gang Mills

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The situation started around 2 a.m. this morning when alledgedly an altercation broke out between the upstairs tenant and the downstairs tenant. I'm not sure what the fight was about, but the upstairs tenant became very threatening and caused the downstairs tenant to call the police. From that point on it sources said he barricaded himself in the apartment.

The upstairs tenant had his son, an eight-year-old boy, in the apartment with him. Since then the police have been in a "quiet wait" with the father.

Sources tell me the father was very distraught over a custody issue.

Erwin Valley Elementary School is in lock down. The police have been careful to keep spectators and the media out of a line of fire from the apartment building.

Will post more news when I have it.

Tense Situtation in Erwin

First Report: Sources tell me there's a "situtation" with lots of police and media across the new car wash and near Peachs "n" Cream in Gang Mills. Will be back with details.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Joel Harrison 1927 Chevy

Joel Harrison 1927 Chevy
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Another old photo to enjoy looking at.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Attention farmland owners!

Amish girls in garden
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FARMLAND OWNERS IN SOUTHEAST STEUBEN COUNTY: Do you own farmland in the Towns of Campbell, Caton, Corning, Hornby, or Lindley? Would you like to sell land to a family farmer? Contact Southern Tier Central Planning at 962-5092 for details. WE WANT TO HELP KEEP FARMLAND IN FARMING.

As part of the Southeast Steuben Success Project, we are looking for farmland owners who may wish to sell land to Amish/Mennonite farmers, organic farmers or other small family farmer. Once we get a list of property owners, we'll organize a "farm tour" to take interested farmers out to see the available land. Our goal is to have at least one farmland property sold to a small farmer in each town by the end of the project in September. This project helps our rural communities achieve a major goal in their master plans which is to "preserve the rural way of life" and "maintain farming."

Monday, March 28, 2005

Interesting "Late Bus" Comment Brought to the Front Page

Note from Sallyann: Several days ago an anonymous commentor left a message pertaining to the "late bus " schedule and asked a question on why the bus did not transport students home who were involved in sports. I called the district bus garage for answers and was told the late bus only took students home who were involved in after school programs. For whatever reason, the district does not consider "sports" school related. The "commentor" returned to the blog and left the following comment. I've posted it on the front page of the blog to generate dialogue on the issue. I personally believe the late bus should take students home who are involved in sports. That's why the late bus was started years ago. If someone knows when and why the district changed its policy, please share that information.

The comment: Sally I have been thinking about the school board saying the sports program not being part of the school program.Isn't it odd that the sport programs are not accessable to homeschoolers only if your child is enrolled in public school are our children allowed to participate.Also if our children fail to keep good grades in school they will be kept from participating in the sports activities.Sounds to me like school sports is very much a part of the school. The late bus is being available to kids kept for detention but not students with good behavior that are participating in after school sports is wrong.What do others think?

Free Clothes-Community Church

New Clothes-Community Church
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Howdy, this is Pastor Ron at Lindley Community Church, and I want to thank you for this new opportunity to communicate with our neighbors here in beautiful downtown Lindley !

We have started a clothing ministry here in our church in which we offer new and good condition used clothes free to anyone residing in the town of Lindley.These clothes come from area consignment shops and stores as well as individules.We are open on the 1st and 4th Wednesday of each month from 3 to 5 p.m. to coincide with the local food pantry at the former Brownie's store basement.

Please pass this information along to fellow Lindleyites !! THANKS !

P.R. ph 523 7321
Tracy [Rumsey] Overdurf is the organizer. You may contact Tracy at 524-6837

New Feature-Links to local media

If you'll look on the sidebar to the left beneath the Heritage Days polls, you'll see that I've linked you to "The Corning Leader, the Star-Gazette and a site called LittleGreenFootballs." It's obvious why I linked to the local newspapers, but maybe not so much why I linked you to "LittleGreenFootballs." Conservatives will know why I linked to LGF when they check out the site. I'm feeling nice today so I will link a popular Liberal blog next, but first I have to pick which one. ....there are several to choose from and they're all "outrageous!"

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Neighborhood Schools the Better Option

"Voters in the Corning-Painted Post school district should support the middle school renovations plan on June 21."......Nancy McLaughlin

Click on the headline "Neighborhood Schools the Better Option" to read Nancy's "Letter to the Editor" in the Corning Leader.

Click on this link to read more about Small Schools from the Knowledge Works Foundation

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Tony Vickio-Lap 6

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Sally Ann.

Experiences of "The World Famous"
by: Tony Vickio

Painting at the Famous Race Tracks

Lap 6: My new job, Watkins Glen International

I am anxious to get home. When I got to Chattanooga, Tennessee I saw something that made me pull the car over. It was the beauty of the Great Smokey Mountains! Unbelievable! I pull over in a Viewing area, get out of the car, stretch, groan, twist left and right to crack my back, twist my neck left and right and heard the sound of my vertebrae snapping back into alignment.

What a sight. The sun was shining bright, but in the valleys on the mountains, whispers of fog were slowly drifting east and way up on top of the mountains were a couple of buildings. "Wow", I thought. "I have to see what they are." I look in the car for my binoculars. I always take binoculars when I travel, "scenery" you know! Race tracks have lots of "scenery"! Like I have always said, "racing isn't all exhaust fumes"! Where did I put the damn things! This is taking time. I could be five miles up the road. Did you notice I said "up" the road instead of "down" the road? I always figured that whenever you were going north you are going uphill, you use more gas and it always seems to take longer to get home than it does going "down"!

I can't find the binoculars and back my rear end out of the passenger side of the car, turn and look at the mountains one more time. I shake my head back and forth, up and down, like Chevy Chase did in that vacation movie while looking at the Grand Canyon, get back in the car, fire the "mother" up and head north, tires smokin' ! I glance at the tach, 5,500rpm, slam it into second. Tires let out a little chirp.......AAaaaaahhhhhhh! They had a saying in the Skip Barber Competition Driving School....." a happy tire is a squealing tire"! Out of the corner of my eye, I see a gauge that does not look normal. Between shifts, I glance back at the dash. It's the gas's on empty! S@#*, I was in such a hurry I didn't check it when I left. I pull into the first gas station I see. I talk to the attendant while I'm filling it up. Driving the Pace car attracts talk whenever you stop someplace. I tell the guy, "Maybe I'll see you next year"! I really didn't think I would. I get in the car, buckle up and I'm all set for some serious driving and its "pedal to the metal" headed north!

I can't wait to see my wife, son and daughter! My wife said my dog had been moping around for a week! There is something else waiting for me. A new job! You see, just before I went to Alabama, I started work at Watkins Glen International Raceway (The Glen) as their Graphics Manager. I kept my sign shop open so I could do signs "on the side". Keeping my shop open was a good move as you will see later. As the miles went by, I thought not only of what I had just done, but what was ahead for me when I returned home.

Tuesday morning I was back in my office at Watkins Glen International. I spent most of the day talking with everyone about the adventure. It was time to look ahead and start work here. My new boss was Matt Matusicky. We called him "Mattman". I still call him that to this day. He was the General Manager. Mattman worked his way up from his first job at the Glen, painting guard rails, to General Manager. He was about 6 foot tall, 160lbs, had a Go"T". What a personality! He can talk about "nothing" with a temporary worker who is carrying around a weed eater, turn right around and talk business with Bill France ( was President of NASCAR). We had more fun! We became best of friends! He comes into the "tales" a little later while doing a grass painting at The Glen. What happens is so funny, I still laugh when I think about it! After the "funny" part, it almost turned deadly! You will have to wait for that "tale". You won't believe it!

At the time I worked there, the track was owned by Corning Enterprises, a division of Corning Glass. The CEO was Claude Sullivan. He also oversaw the operation of the Glen. Claude is a wonderful person. His son, Monte, flies the corporate jet for Corning, Inc. He also flies a competition Glider (a later story). Mattman and I were picked to work on a "secret" five year development plan. I was fairly good with computer graphics programs, but drawing maps and detailed layouts would require a sophisticated program. I wanted to learn AutoCad, the best Computer Aided Design program available at the time. Claude would stop by the track from time to time and see how things were going. He saw my efforts and asked me if I was interested in going to Night School at Corning College for AutoCad. I said "sure"! He told me to call his secretary and she would set it up. The first night, I get there early and pick a seat. I sit about in the middle of the room and wait. I look around, the blackboard, the chair I'm sitting in, the flat surface your right arm lays on and runs up to your work area. Even the smell. It all brings back memories. After writing seven of these "laps" I wish I would have taken typing! Finally some other people came in. Then the Teacher. I was older than everyone! Including the teacher. There were only eight people in the class and they were all up front, prompting the teacher to say, 'why don't you come up and join us"? I looked around, yeah, he was talking to me. I moved.

The class was really hard for me, since I have been out of school for so long. The guys in the class would help me with any problems I had. I think they felt sorry for me because I was so old! As the weeks went by I got better and I'll be damned.....I passed the course! Claude liked people who wanted to better themselves and he used his "power" to help you. The AutoCad program is a "licensed" program. It costs about $3,000.00. Through Corning Glass, Claude supplied us with the latest AutoCad program. Later, after I left The Glen, knowing AutoCad got me out of a real mess in Talladega!

Now, back at The Glen, I'm painting bigger signs. All I have done until now was 4'x8' signs except for the grass! I am doing 12' x 36' aluminum billboards. Why 12' x 36' you ask? I don't really know. This is the standard size billboard used at the track since the '70's, when Formula 1 was at the track. Someone built these billboards using a 4'x8' sheet of aluminum and a 4'x4' sheet. They made a wood frame out of 2"x2" wood and screwed the aluminum panels to the wood. This made one 4' x 12' panel (it takes 9 panels to make one billboard). Believe it or not, some of these panels are still in use! How do you paint these you ask? At The Glen there is a "Service Garage", a 70' x 300' building. It is the garage for all the different series of cars, including NASCAR, that race at the Glen. It is one, big open space.....huge! At the south end, on the end wall, I had the maintenance guys build a "rack" that would hold a 12' x 36' billboard. I would put the panels on this rack, one by one, until the whole 12' x 36' billboard was on the rack. When finished, they would come down, one by one and "Rudy" would take them and put them up in their locations. Rudy has worked at the track forever. He started doing fence work, believe me, there is lots of fence. He is the "sign installer". Rudy has put up countless signs and he is the best at installing these things. They always line up!

To paint 12' x 36' billboard, I use an overhead projector. One day I was in Ithaca, NY, looking at a sign job at this furniture shop. The owner also did these wood carvings of animals. They were awesome! We got talking and he said he used a projector for his layouts. I thought, "I need one of these"! He said he got three of them at a school auction and would part with one for $125.00. I didn't have the money right then, but he was a very nice person and told me to take it and pay him when I could. This really helped me do these boards more than anything. I just now turned my head to my left, while typing this, and looked at that projector. It's sitting over by the wall waiting for the next adventure. Looking back now, I was real lucky to find such a tool. You see, this projector was a transparency projector, not an opaque projector where you put a piece of paper under the light and it projects the image. On this one, the image you want to project is on a piece of clear film. The light is under the film, projecting up and into the lens which turns the image ninety degrees and "shoots" the image out the sign. The projected image is very detailed! It has a 1,000 watt bulb! Newer projectors have 500 watt bulbs. I can project a 12' x 36' billboard in one shot. I found one serious drawback!

I would usually work at night when I did billboards at the track. There were good reasons. One, no one was here to bother me with stupid questions or comments, like, "I knew a guy that would shake like hell until the brush touched sign, then he would stop shaking and paint a straight line". Sometimes I would have to work around race cars that were in the garage for the weekend. All I could see was spilling a quart of paint on one! Two, working at night, projecting the layout on the board was easier to see. I would have the lights on in the section of garage I was working in while setting up, then I would turn them off to project the image. One night, about 9:00, I'm at the track in this huge building, all alone, projecting the layout onto the billboard. I'm on a 10 foot step ladder about half way up. All the lights are off. Remember, the logo you are projecting is printed on a piece of clear plastic, the light shows through and the image shows perfectly on the billboard. That night it was warm, so I had a couple of the garage type doors open. I'm on the ladder, tracing the projected image to the panels and singing along with a song playing on my radio.

AH, my old radio. I still have it! It's held together with masking tape that is so brittle from age the edges that stick up, turn to dust when you touch them. No use looking at the dial, every color of paint I have ever used is on it. The handle is gone. Knobs? Had two knobs, the other two were gone, leaving the bare shafts, with little knurls sticking out. The antenna............the best available. A brass colored coat hanger, bent in all directions. It is bent and twisted around the "thing" that attached the original antenna to the radio. The "thing" was also broken, so it would not stay in one position and hold the antenna upright. So, where ever you sat the radio down, you had to find something to lay the coat hanger against. It worked great!

Here I am, working on the sign humming along with a song on the radio, and the next instant, I let out a scream, no it was more like an "AHHHaaaaaagghhhh!!" A mass of goose bumps formed on my ass, traveled up my back and out my arms in about a nano-second, I"m off of the ladder. Hunching over in pure terror, I whip around and look at the billboard. It's gone! I whip around the other way, looking down the building into darkness. I stand up straight and turn towards the board. Nothing on the board......where is it! I say right out loud, "what the %*** was that"? I look around towards the projector, in the light there is a moth flying around. I start to laugh. All alone I laugh! "Holy sh*t," I say out loud. The light from the projector drew these bugs in. A damn bug landed on the projector screen! It was a small bug, but when it was projected on the billboard, it was three feet across! The rest of the night I was scared! I kept looking around at the 300 foot long building, where my lights just faded to "jet black", and kept thinking, "what's down there in the dark?" Things were watching me! Even after all these years, I still jump when a bug lands on the projector!

I thought these 12'x36' billboards were big, but the signs are getting bigger! Bigger means they are putting them in different places. I have a bad flaw! I am petrified of heights! Not scared of heights......Petrified! I mean, I am so scared of heights that I can't even look up at high things! I'm not kidding! In later "tales" a Water Tank becomes an adventure. Today Mattman comes out and says, "The GT Center sign needs to changed to Camel GT". That's good, except the sign is on the roof of the GT Center. The GT Center is two buildings, attached together. It measures about 120' x 120'. Right down the middle, on the roof, is the sign! The roof has a real low pitch, almost flat. The sign is on an angle iron frame about 4 feet above the roof. It is 5'-6" high x 120 feet long. There are cables attached to the top of the sign at twenty intervals to the roof as the wind never stops blowing up there! Climbing up and down the ladder was the hard part. Once on the roof, it was so big, you didn't know you were in the air. I'm up there one day painting along, in my own little world, and all of a sudden I hear metal on metal sliding sound. The wind blew my ladder over! I can't get down. Once again, this shows the importance of having a radio 2-way radio on you at all times. Radio To The Rescue. As you will see, a two-way radio is a part of me when at race tracks. Ask Larry Orr (later "Tales" at Chicagoland Speedway)

On a sign like the Camel sign, I used a "pounce pattern". I will tell you about pounce patterns, because you will hear of these later on. The "pounce pattern" was invented by Michaelangelo. It is a paper pattern with the layout drawn on by hand or by computer. Once you have the layout drawn on the paper you punch small holes over your layout lines. I use an electric machine that burns the holes. It has a transformer in this machine, a long cord with a highly insulated handle the size of Sharpie Felt Pen. A small metal rod sticks out of the end. You have to use it on a metal table. You ground the machine on the table and run the metal tip across the lines on your paper. This causes an arc to form and it burns a line of small holes in the paper as you move it along. One thing you learn, DO NOT TOUCH the tip! When I first got it, I was showing a friend how it worked. I was leaning on the table with my elbow. I told him, "You never want to touch that tip"! (it has 2,400 volts!) as I pointed to it with my index finger. My finger was about an inch away and without warning..... snap! In a mill-second, a blueish white arc came off the damn tip and proceeded to jump in mid air and impale itself on the tip of my index finger! As I watched in horror, smoke came off my finger tip! Just then, my nervous system kicked in and I jumped, twisted and turned in mid air at the same time I screamed," %***in' S*#*! I'm standing there in disbelief, finger smoking as my friend turned and walked out the door, laughing so hard, he didn't even say goodby! My finger hurt like hell! This is why some people use a pencil like object with a wheel attached (the wheel looks like a star) and roll it along the lines to make the holes. You then place the paper pattern on the "thing" you want to paint. (These patterns are great if you are doing multiple signs. You only have to do the layout once and you can use it over and over). Then take a "pounce bag" (a piece of porous cloth filled with charcoal dust) and pound this bag against the paper pattern. The dust goes through the holes and when the paper is removed, you have a nice outline, in charcoal dust, of your layout. In future "tales", you will meet the "Pounce Man".....I wish I had a picture for you but I don't. I will paint one in your head!

Painting the "big stuff" is fun! It tends to set you apart from other sign men. It is not that they couldn't do it, I don't think some have the courage to try. I basically, will try most anything. Until someone says, "If you try this and fail, I will shoot you in the head", I will try anything!

When you work on a corporate logo, it has to be perfect. You can not alter it in any way. You work to the specs they send you. When I first did a Budweiser billboard at Watkins Glen, before it could be installed, Budweiser sent a woman up from St. Louis to approve it. She checked colors and the lettering and she was on a plane headed back to St. Louis. Once I was approved, she never came back again. She said that there were so many different shops all over the country doing signs for them it is hard to make sure they all conform to their specs.

This actually happened to me before I went to work for The Glen, but shows just how important it is to get the sign right! A sign company from North Carolina came to The Glen and installed some Camel Cigarette signs. They were contracted through Camel to do all of the tracks the series raced at. It was Saturday and I was in my sign shop, which at the time was in Ithaca, NY, about 25 miles from the track. The phone rings. On the other end there is pure panic! "You gotta help us out, we are in a real mess! Can you cut some vinyl letters on your machine, in a hurry"? "How much of a hurry, I can bring them home with me tonight". They need a Surgeon General's Warning on two of the Camel signs. No big deal, I thought..........No.......a Big Deal!! "We are sending a helicopter for you, we need them now"! Seems the IROC race (International Race of Champions) was to start soon. It was on LIVE TV! These two signs were about twenty feet in the air. Because of Live TV , cigarette and alcohol restrictions, and because the signs could be seen on Live TV when a certain camera swung to follow the cars, Federal Officials were there and were not going to let the race start until the signs were fixed! I cut the letters. It didn't take much time. They called me and said there was no landing zone near me so they are sending a State Police Car instead of the helicopter. We made it to Watkins in record time. If you saw the race, they ran four extra pace laps while a guy put the lettering on the sign. You can see a man in the Bucket Truck applying the letters as the cars go by. (Not me, remember, I'm scared of heights). As soon as the last letter was on, they started the race!

I was nearly burned out working full time at the Glen and for myself. It was a hard decision. One night I was laying in a bed at a Motel in Alexandria Bay, my wife and I were on a short vacation, and I made my decision. I was going back to my own business. I went back and told Mattman, he looked like he was going to cry. I gave my two weeks notice and ended up staying six weeks. They needed me for the next race and I couldn't leave them hanging. We parted the best of friends! They even had a party for me, gifts and all! It would be hard to find a better bunch of people to work with. If I had stayed employed there, most of these "tales" would not exist. I continue to sign work for the Glen out of my shop.
I left my job at the Glen on a Friday. I had raced late model dirt cars for about 10 years, so on that Friday night I went to Rolling Wheels Raceway in Auburn, NY for a race. I didn't win that night, but I did well, 5th. I wasn't thinking much about that race, it was Saturday night. I was thinking of two weeks earlier, a man I know, asked me to drive his NASCAR Modified. I had never driven an asphalt car, but I jumped at the chance. At that time a modified had a tubular chassis (Troyer built), a quick change rear end, 21" wide tires and a Chevy 427 engine (650 hp). These were fast! The first time out I blew a tire in the heat, so I had to start about 22nd. I finished 9th. What does this have to do with sign painting you ask? I'm about to tell you. Friday was my last day at my job. Saturday we were racing at Shan-gra-la Speedway, a half mile asphalt oval, located in Owego, NY. On the way to the track, in the car hauler, out of the blue, had a premonition! I wasn't coming back! It was unreal! I never passed up a good race, so I strapped in and the green flag was flying. About half way through the race, a car gets sideways on the back straight, right in front of me. At this part of the track the speed is about 120 mph. I didn't want to hit his door so I turned left. I knew a car was inside of me but I figured it was better hit him (it was Brett Bodine) than T-Bone the other car. My right front tire just clipped the spinning car's front bumper. It tore my right front tire, spindle, rotor and caliper off and stuffed it right into my passenger side window. I didn't know it was in there until I stopped. Now-120mph, no steering, no brakes, turn three wall coming! I had two full seconds to think about that premonition! I suddenly felt calm, like I was accepting the "end". Then "BANG"...........and it was all quiet. Real quit. On a race car, that is not a good sign! I had cleared the wall and I was a good twenty feet in the air, headed out of the track to the woods. The silence was broken by a huge "bang". The car landed nose first and did some spectacular en-dos. It stops...upside down. I look around, upside down. No one is there yet, I am so far from the track. I decide to get out. I can't get the window net down, I'm disoriented, so I look over to go out the passenger window, the front tire is in there with me, so I crawl out the back window and lay on the ground and wait for help. I just quit my job, first night on my own and I break my collar bone, three ribs and my right elbow (right handed). Jimmy Spencer had a good view of the wreck, in a photo, as I'm "leaving" the track he is the car behind me. What a way to start your first day on your own.

I had to work, so I struggled with one hand to do signs. One day I'm taking out my garbage pail at my shop and I trip on the curb. Not to hurt my right elbow again, I catch myself with my left hand. I heard this "snap".......I fractured my left elbow! This was a bad time! My elbows still bother me once in a while. They would have healed okay if I hadn't cut the casts off early to race in a 100 lapper back at Shan-gra-la . I never went back to the doctor.

I'm finally healed and I have moved my shop from Ithaca, NY to my house on Rt.329 in Watkins Glen. The grass" paintings became more popular, which means more people started doing them. Other companies are bidding on grass jobs. It was a "jungle" out there! At this time in the "tales," a company from Michigan, Britten Banners, won the bid to do the grass in Talladega. "Oh well", I thought. I had fun over the years. I can't complain. I'm in my shop on a snowy January day working on a small sign when the phone's Britten Banners! I

Lap 7: Back to Talladega, but not alone!

Wall Dogs

Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.

Winston Cup Series

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Try rolling this pack up in your T-shirt sleeve!

Camel GT Center

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A sign must be readable!

Friday, March 25, 2005

What Love Is All About

True Love
Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.

It was a busy morning, approximately 8:30 am, when an elderly gentleman, in his 80's, arrived to have stitches removed from his thumb. He stated that he was in a hurry as he had an appointment at 9:00 a.m.

I took his vital signs and had him take a seat, knowing it would be over an hour before someone would to able to see him. I saw him looking at his watch and decided, since I was not busy with another patient, I would evaluate his wound. On exam it was well healed, so I talked to one of the doctors, got the needed supplies to remove his sutures and redress his wound. While taking care of his wound, we began to engage in conversation. I asked him if he had a doctor's appointment this morning, as he was in such a hurry. The gentleman told me no, that he needed to go to the nursing home to eat breakfast with his wife. I then inquired as to her health. He told me that she had been there for a while and that she was a victim of Alzheimer Disease.

As we talked, and I finished dressing his wound, I asked if she would be worried if he was a bit late. He replied that she no longer knew who he was, that she had not recognized him in five years now. I was surprised, and asked him. "And you still go every morning, even though she doesn't know who you are?" He smiled as he patted my hand and said, "She doesn't know me, but I still know who she is." I had to hold back tears as he left, I had goose bumps on my arm, and thought, "That is the kind of love I want in my life."

True love is neither physical, nor romantic. True love is an acceptance of all that is, has been, will be, and will not be.

The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything that comes their way.

A thumb's up to Gerry Gross for this memorable message.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

This is the car involved in Rt. 15 accident

Rt. 15 accident
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As you can tell by the photo the car was hit hard from behind.

This is the semi- truck involved in Rt. 15 accident

Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.
The truck was heading south. The white compact car, one driver, sat in the South bound lane waiting to turn across the north lane in front of a residence on Rt. 15. The truck rear ended the car which was thrown into the north bound shoulder. The driver of the car was transported via ambulance with injuries. Sources said the driver was still alive.

News Alert-- Rear End Collision on Rt. 15- 8 p.m.

First report: Sounds like a head-on collision between a tractor trailer and car just before the NY/PA border on Route 15. The Gutherie "helicopter" has been called. It'll take 55 minutes for it to arrive. Lawrenceville Fire Department is on the scene assisting Lindley-Presho Fire Department.

Second report: First ambulance just left with injured. Looked like Lawrenceville Ambulance. South bound lane is completely stopped, vehicles backed to the yellow caution light by Morgan Creek Road. Some traffic is moving in the North bound lane. It looks like cars in South bound lane are turning around. Larry hiked it down to scene to get more information.

Third report: Sources tell me officials are "re-enacting the scene". When they do this, something is seriously wrong. Can't confirm if the driver of the car was transported by Guthrie One helicopter. He may have been taken to Corning Hospital.

Karen Ann Quinlan-First "Right to Life Case"

Karen Ann Quinlan
Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.
This tragic case of an accidental overdose resulted in the national controversy regarding the "right to die".

In 1974 the New Jersey Supreme Court tackled this issue under the eyes of a nation. All the while young Karen Ann Quinlan lay comatose on a respirator while her distraught parents fought the law and tabloid sensationalism to let their daughter "die with dignity".
After much legal wrangling Karen Ann was finally weaned from the respirator-only to begin breathing on her own!!
Karen was transferred to a nursing home in June 1976.

Although nearly "vegetative" and requiring tube feedings and a tracheotomy Karen Ann Quinlan remained in a locked room in a county nursing home, sequestered from the public and presumed dead by many, Karen Ann Quinlan "lived" for nearly 10 years prior to her death in 1985.

Download "Free Living Will"

If the Terri Schiavo case hasn't taught us taught us this--sign a "Living Will".

Click on the headline and download a "free living will form" from the New York State Bar Association. You might want to e-mail this post to everyone in your address book. If they already have a living will, no matter, but if they don't, this free form will do the job.

Do it!

Memos from Sallyann

Note from Sallyann:

Been working on collecting the "sex offender lists"...bad weather kept me from picking up the Corning Police Department list last night. Will get it as soon as I connect with Lt. Swan again. Still trying to "talk" with the right persons in other area departments. Lt. Swan said he spoke with Officer Yost in the Painted Post Department who said they didn't have any offenders listed at this moment.

To the person who left the comment about the Corning-Painted Post School District "late bus" schedule:

I never received the "school handbook"that detailed the bus schedule from the school bus garage, however, after I spoke with the secretary she said the late bus would only transport students home who stayed after school for school-related functions such as "help with homework"...etc. Sports were not considered "school related" and the responsibility fell squarely on the parents to pick up their kids after practice. Any kind of "policy change" would require group effort and organization, but with no guarantee that the policy would be changed. I would suggest you attend a school board meeting to inquire about changing the policy and what that would involve. Another option is to call Pete Watson at the Corning-Painted Post District bus garage.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Another Nurse Comes Forward in Schiavo case

Heidi Law, another nurse who took care of Terri in 1997 comes forward with testimony about Michael Schiavo's behavior and attitude towards his wife.

Click on the headline to read Heidi Law's Affidavit.

Kate Adamson Recovered from "Vegetative" State

Kate Adamson
Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.
CLEARWATER, FL., March 14, 2005 ( - On Saturday a rally of over three-hundred of Terri Schiavo's most die-hard supporters heard the first-hand account of the sufferings and remarkable recovery of Kate Adamson. Struck down in 1995 at the age of thirty-three by a rare double brainstem stroke, Kate, then a mother of two young girls, was completely paralyzed; she was unable even to blink her eyes. Like Terri Schiavo, the medical staff treating her questioned the merit of continuing granting Kate the most basic human right of food and water.

Terri Schiavo, although not nearly as severely disabled as Adamson once appeared to be, is slotted to have her feeding tube removed at 1:00 pm this Friday. Similarly, Kate Adamson's feeding tube was at one point removed for a full eight days before being reinserted due to the intervention of her husband (also a competent lawyer).

Frequently described by medical authorities as a humane way to die, Kate - now as vibrant and beautiful as before her stroke - testified before the crowd of Terri's family and supporters that this form of legalized execution was "one of the most painful experiences you can imagine." Unable to respond or to indicate awareness, Kate Adamson asserts, "I was just like Terri"but I was alive! I could hear every word. They were saying "shall we just not treat her?...I suffered excruciating misery in silence."

This personal testimony confirms what Terri supporters have long suspected that the execution sought by her husband Michael Schiavo is anything but painless and humane. Furthermore, Kate's remarkable recovery to nearly full mental and physical health-she still suffers partial paralysis of her left side-gives Terri supporters hope that Terri too may still experience a similar recovery, if granted proper care and treatment.

During her early-afternoon speech Kate declared that "If they want to kill Terri they should have the guts to put a gun to her head" rather than condemn her to such a slow and painful death. She finished off by summing up the full import of the Schiavo case, saying, "The measure of a society is how they treat the least of us. Life is sacred or meaningless, there is nothing in between."

Contact Kate Adamson by visiting

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Terri's Nurse Speaks Out Against Michael Schiavo

Larry, my husband asked me this afternoon if I'd heard Terri Schiavo's nurse making the media rounds telling what she knew about Michael Schiavo's relationship with Terri when she was a nurse in the Palm Garden of Largo Convalescent Center in Largo, Florida from April of 1995 to July 1996 when Terri was a patient there. I said, "No, I hadn't but would google to see if I could find a transcript of one of her interviews."

Lar also mentioned that Rush Limbaugh had been playing a tape of an interview with Carla Sauer Iyer, the nurse who tended to Terri. I was unable to find a "media transcript", they're not posted yet on the sites, but I did find the actual "Affidavit" alledgedly composed by Carla Sauer Iyer. I did a quick "fact check" but didn't find anything about this affidavit being true or false.

I find this new development curious because last night on Greta Susteren's show, "On the Record", Greta interviewed an old friend of Terri Schiavo's who made statements about Terri wanting to divorce Michael shortly before her collapse. The friend also said that Michael was very "controlling" in their relationship--checking the odometer on their car to finally refusing her to drive the car at all to not allowing Terri to maintain relationships with childhood friends. If Terri had been allowed "due process" and appointed a lawyer to defend her these charges by the nurse may have come out earlier. Carla Sauer Iyer's affidavit is a huge "red flag" waving among the many surrounding Michael Schiavo in this case. Read it with the understanding that it was not and never will be "vetted" in court. Terri was denied this right. John Evander Couey was not.

Click on the headline "Terri's Nurse Speaks Out Against Michael Schiavo" to read the entire affidavit.

Terri Schiavo, John Evander Couey and Jeff Weise-What they all have in common

What a morning to wake up to!

Teen , Jeff Weise, kills 10, wounded seven others, a few of them certain to die in Red Lake, Minnesota. A federal court judge rules against Terri Schiavo, the last chance the parents had to keep her alive and in another bitter irony, I'll have to watch scum like John Evander Couey get all the "due process" in the world that was denied Terri Schiavo.

A teen, out of control like so many in past school shootings, will again leave us no answers as to "why" until we start wising up and focus on the real reasons "teens go bad". But as usual, one man's reason is another man's excuse. The Left will blame "guns" and the Right will blame the breakdown of discipline and a very, very coarse society bankrupted of all commonsense and decency. Not to mention the Left's ever present "political correctness" and moral equivalency that distorts what's right and what’s wrong. The ACLU will rush to defend the Nazi group that Weise was so enamored with its scumbag anti-life/American/malevolent ideology. Click here and read the groups response to the Weis shootings.

After you read it, and it doesn’t turn your stomach, then something’s seriously wrong with you.

You would think the grownups would be able to recognize dangerous crack pot ideology that threatens to rot our kid’s minds. But Nooooooo. CSPAN, a media organization that was formatted just for the purpose of keeping “spin and bias” out of newsworthy events, has succumbed to the Left’s strategy of “moral equivalence/political correctness” to provide a “counter-balance” approach for the viewer. Apparently, CSPAN believes Nazi sympathizer and “Holocaust Denier” David Irving has a legitimate point of view. Click here for the full story.

And after you read that and you still believe the Left-via CSPAN- is ardently working for our society and kid’s best interest, I would prefer you move to another country.

(Side note: It didn’t take MSNBC long to hop on the anti-gun issue/excuse for the Red Lake shootings. They’re debating right now on “The Right To Bear Arms?”)

The rule of law, in stark contrast with “the right thing to do” in the Schiavo case is corrupting the “right to die issue”. The same Liberals who argued for Terri Schiavo’s death will, in the future, plead for John Evander Couey’s life to be spared from the death chamber.

I’m having a very bad day!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Town Clerk Updates-Dee Hill

Town Clerk Updates-Dee Hill
Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.

Note from Sallyann: Dee will be posting Town Clerk items as they come in. If you have any questions relating to Town Clerk business (or you just want to say Hi to Dee) leave a comment and Dee will get back to you.

The Lindley Town Clerk's office sells dump tickets for the Erwin Transfer Station. We have $10 and $15 tickets.

If you need a copy of an important document (marriage license, birth certificate or death certificate) I have them on file at the office. I can certify the documents for a $10 fee.

Corning Community College students who are residents of Lindley can come in to the office and have your Certificates of Residence forms signed free of charge and I will forward them onto the Steuben County Treasurer's office in Bath.

Reminder for dog licenses:

  • Dogs (spayed or neutered) fees for licenses are $7.50
  • (Unspayed or neutered) fees for licenses are $15.50
  • You need your rabies shot records and proof of spaying from the vet for a license.

Free Rabies Clinic:

  • Saturday, May 28th from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Lindley-Presho Fire Hall at 9541 Tannery Creek Road in Lindley. Any questions feel free to leave a comment or call me at the Town Hall at 523-8816.


Remember-the deadline is Thursday, March 31, 2005. This is the last day you can pay your taxes here in Lindley. After this date you must go to Bath to pay your taxes.

Monthly meetings for April 2005:

  • Lindley Town Board meeting-April 12, 2005 at 7 p.m.
  • Lindley Planning Board meeting-April 18, 2005 at 7 p.m.

Town Clerk Hours:

  • Monday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Tuesday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m.
  • Wednesday Closed
  • Thursday 1 to 5 p.m.
  • Friday 1 to 5 p.m.
  • Saturday 9 a.m. to Noon

Town Clerk phone: 607-523-8816

FAX: 607-523-8232

Have a great day....Dee!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Tony Vickio-Lap 5

Pace Car
Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.

Experiences of "The World Famous"
by: Tony Vickio

Painting at the Famous Race Tracks

Lap 5: We paint the "Grass"

I walk out onto the grass with the same courage and stride of a Roman Gladiator ready to battle. I stepped into the area, took looooooong, sloooooooow steps. My body moving in slow motion, muscles taut, arms slowly swinging, head turning slowly left to right posturing for a fight. I was ready, mentally prepared to perform for the Roman masses, prepared for a bloody victory. I took a deep powerful breath and I looked across the track and up into the stands and then ....whooosh....... my breath left me as if someone had smacked me in my gut with a ramming log. My Coliseum was empty. No one was there, not even a bird. My enemy wasn"t a lion, it was the GRASS! My courage was gone. I was about to be eaten! I could actually hear and feel the grass growing up around me! Another panic attack! How many could I live through? A couple more before the day would end.

I heard a noise! I look to my left, Mike and Raymond, my helpers, were kneeling on the grass, opening up a 5 gallon pail of white, "enamel" paint. They were fighting with the tabs on the plastic lid. It reminded me of two cats playing with a ball of yarn, batting at the pail, rolling on their backs and scratching it with their feet to get it open. It was quite a sight. I open my mouth to say something......I stop and think, no use, I just shake my head, turn and start to walk away. Then I hear one of them say, "*t!!" I didn't want to turn around. You guessed it, the contents of the pail, all 5 gallons of white paint, is now on the ground. I'm looking at it, my eyes are bugged out. I can't speak! The loss of five gallons of paint isn't the problem, the big, white spot on the grass is! Disaster and we haven't started yet! Now we are trying scoop up the paint with shovels. What a %**king mess. Finally, I tell them, let it dry and we will clean it later....somehow. I can't let the spilled paint distract me now. Let's get painting!

Mike suddenly stands straight up and says, "I remember we had 2x4s! We used 2x4s for a straight edge to spray the letters" he said with a surprised look on his face, like he's thinking, "Where did that come from?” I thought, "That’s not a bad idea. This will give us a nice, straight edge on the letter. I'll have a solid edge I can spray along. I will spray an outline then it is easy to just come along and fill in the letter. As I'm thinking and looking at the red flags on the ground, I see a problem! I have to figure where the hell a letter is in this maze of red flags is before I can paint! After a couple minutes of staring, squinting and making my eyes blur, the "T" magically appears. I can see the "T"! I scream right out loud, "I CAN SEE THE “T”. I look at the guys and they are staring at me! What do you mean you can see the "T". You have to remember, they think I know what I'm doing! Oh man! When I finally see the "T", I also see something that indicated things might be going my way. When I located the "T" in this maze of flags, I see the big, white spot in the grass, where Raymond spilled the paint, was inside the lower part of the "T". I just dodged a bullet! We will be painting right over the spilled paint!

About seven hard pulls and the sprayer is running. Dark smoke, white smoke, even some sparks came flying out of the exhaust on the, well used, five horse power Briggs & Stratton engine. The rope cord was frayed and didn't look like it had too many pulls left. I could tell it hadn't been started since the last time the grass was done. It was sputtering so bad, it actually shot out a couple of perfectly round, white smoke rings out of the exhaust! They floated peacefully out across the grass in slow motion, about a foot off of the ground, slowly rolling around and around. I watched them disappear into just a whisper of light gray smoke. I thought, "I wish I was going with them"! Back to the task at hand. After about three minutes, the engine smooths out a little. It never did run "smooth". The muffler was shot. Now instead of a nice, peaceful, quiet day, the steady drone of this un-muffled engine reminded me of how a B-24 would have sounded taking off from one of the old runways the track sits on. The hose was covered with dry white paint. As I moved the hose around, pieces of dry paint would crack and fall out. Through the cracks in the paint, you could see the hose used to be blue. The gun handle was no different. It also was covered with dry, white paint. The nozzle had so much paint on the tip it looked like a golf ball with paint coming out the end. "I can't be fussy", I thought, somehow it sprayed paint and that is all it has to do.

It is time! "This is it", I mumbled to myself! I put two guys on the 2x4s, kneeling on the grass at each end of the 2x4 and I step into the "T". The spray gun has a pistol grip with a large trigger that takes your four fingers to pull. There is about a 30" extension on the gun to the nozzle. This helps your back, you don't have to bend over too far. Inside of the "T", I spray a test pattern. I am now experimenting with the pressure, and most of all "spraying paint!" We devised some ingenious hand signals because the engine noise was so loud we couldn’t talk to each other. Pointing my index finger up and twirling it around, gave Raymond the signal to increase the pressure. Pointing my thumb down and moving my hand up and down gave him the signal to decrease the pressure. When I signaled, Raymond would move his head to mimic my hand signals! I couldn't look at him because I would start to laugh! More pressure.....he would twirl his head like I was twirling my finger, while turning the pressure knob. Less pressure, his head would bob up and down, like my thumb, while turning the knob. Oh my God, what a sight!

After about five minutes of frantic hand signals, Raymond must have been dizzy by now, we got the pressure to what I thought was just right. If it was too high, it would blow the grass right out of the ground. Too low, it would just dribble out the nozzle. Now, it was just right! AAAgggghhhhhhh as Homer Simpson would say! With Raymond "running" paint to the sprayer, two guys kneeling on the ground with the 2x4 straightedge and a man holding the hose so it doesn't get in the wet paint, I pull the trigger! I didn't know it at the time, but this was the start of a new era! My sign business was about to take a "New Road"! I pull the trigger and spray a pattern along the 2x4! I spray a little more and the guys with the 2x4 pick it up and move it up the side of the letter another eight feet. I spray more paint along the board, they move again. This is so "cool"! The paint is thick, no thinner is used as you want it to cover the grass. I found my self thinking, "This is fun"! Of course I had forgotten about all the stress it took to get to this point and the consequences if the layout is wrong! We paint on! They have to move this board four times as the letters are 30 feet tall. All of a sudden, it’s "Time Out"! We need to get more 2x4s. They get so covered with the thick white paint, they are marking up the grass near the letters as we move them. This takes time. It’s like watching a Keystone Cops movie! Instead of one guy getting into a pick up truck and driving to the maintenance shop, everyone is trying to get into the cab! Those that can’t fit in the cab are jumping into the back of the truck........while it’s moving! It showed me, "I'm not alone"! Nobody wants to be out here! I walk over to the sprayer to shut it off and then I think, “With that frayed starter rope, will it start again?” I turned the throttle down and let it run.

Forty minutes go by and I finally see a truck on the horizon. The Keystone Cops are back! New boards, we move on. I tried not to get paint on the hands of the two guys holding the boards, but it became useless! It finally got to the point, when I sprayed up the side of the 2x4 I didn't even stop. I painted right over their hands! They didn't have to hold the board while I painted, it wasn't going to blow away, but I guess it made fell important. At first they jumped and looked at each other and shouted “What the hell!” After a while they didn't seem to mind! They actually told me keep going! Rubber Gloves?.....too late! Once I have the letter in an outline, another man on the other gun comes along behind and fills the letter in. He just gets into a rhythm of "swinging" the nozzle back and forth while slowly walking backwards. It's a brainless job......I wish I was doing it! The guys were fighting to take turns! They were shoving each other and hollering. “Oh my God! I told them, "I don't care who paints, just take turns! You spray outside of my line, I will kill you!" They made me nervous, so when I sprayed along the 2x4, I would paint inside the line about two feet. This gave them a big cushion. I ended up going over each letter anyway, as they were not painting in an even manner, leaving light and dark spots in the letter. To anyone watching, it had to be sight, two guys kneeling on the ground, holding a 2x4, another guy, me, spraying along the board, right across their hands, three guys fighting over the other gun and two guys holding the hoses up off of the wet paint while we painted. Oh, I forgot, Raymond, a Camel cigarette hanging from his lips, smoke rolling up from the cigarette into his face. This forced him to tilt his head slightly and squint his eyes. The pack of Camels rolled up in his T-Shirt sleeve, accented his muscles as he carried two 5 gallon buckets of paint to the sprayer at a time. Everyone had white paint on them. We finally get to the "G". I thought, "After this "G", one more letter to go"! I look at my flags and all of a sudden I get another panic attack! I realize the "G" is round! Round!............2x4s are straight. All production stops! It's like everyone walking in a line, the first guy stops and everyone is bumping into each other! They all stand around looking at each other wondering what's up? I look at the flags defining the "G", they are fairly close. I thought, "I have been spraying right along, I'm getting bolder. A bold thought drifts into my mind, "I'm going to try to freehand this". I would pick a spot between two flags and swing a slight arc between them, while walking backwards. I step inside the "G" and take a few practice strokes. I take a deep breath and here I go! The guys were "oohing and ahhing", like when you watch fireworks. I was like Fred Astair with a spray gun! Walking backwards and swinging the gun! My footwork was awesome! Like the old saying, "it was "Poetry in Motion"! To this day I will argue with anyone........I invented the "Moon Walk", not Michael Jackson! Moonwalkin' with a spray gun! I finished the "G" and found that freehand painting was so much easier and faster. I can get a decent line. Getting the "knack" of "Swinging" the wand (nozzle) and walking backwards, you can get a good, straight line. That figures! One letter to go and I get the hang of it! I take a string and stretch it between the flags on the letter "A" to define the straight line instead of the board. I spray right along the string. One thing that was hard to get used to was when painting grass you do not have to be perfect. You have to remember you are looking at this painting from across the track or from a camera in a blimp. You will never see a wobble in a line. On the newer grass paintings, there are more colors and they are more complicated, with outlines and blends. Later "laps" will tell of these.

Six hours of the paint sprayer engine in you ears sort of put you in a zone. Then, all of a sudden, like shutting a light switch off, Raymond shuts the sprayer offf.............Silence! I try to stand up straight, my back! Slowly, I am up! The spray gun is now loose in my hand, I look around at Raymond. Head tilted, smoke rolling in his face and he has this sh*t eatin' grin on his face. I smile back. It”s done! The grass is done! I raise my head slightly and sniff. Another sniff! I put my arm to my face a smell it. Holy S#@t, I realize I smell like a Briggs & Stratton engine! The smoke from that old engine had covered us! Just then, Billy comes on the radio and says, "Hey, Sign man, up here!" I'm looking around and he calls again, "up here, in the grandstand". I look way across the track and see him on top of the grandstand. I can see Billy waving. "Come up here and look. It looks great"! he says on the radio. I run over to the Pace Car and start to open the door, I look down and I stop! My shoes! Oh my God! They are covered with wet, white, enamel paint! Mixed in the paint is all of this "grass'! The "mixture" is about a half inch thick and slowly sliding down the sides of the shoes. It looked like my shoes were covered with a fresh salad, covered with too much Ranch Dressing! We decide to take Mike's truck! We headed out of the infield to the grandstand. This place is so big it takes a while to go from the infield, around to the back of the grandstand. We pull up to the grandstand and I jump out before he stops. I can't wait. I run to the grandstand, leaving white tracks behind, and up the steps to the top where Billy is standing. He is smiling. He always smiles, even if things are bad! I turn around and.........there it is! I stood speechless. I got goose bumps on my arms and up my back. My mouth was open, but not a word came out. I think if I was up there alone, I would have cried. I was looking at something I could not believe I did. I did it! I did it! I didn't know at the time what "doors" this one job would open in the future. Oh man, did I feel good! It was like I was seeing something in front of me and thinking, "how the hell did this crazy bunch of "nuts", including my self" do that! SMACK!! I jump and am back to reality. Billy slaps me on the back and said, "Beers are in the truck my man!" As we walked to the truck, I had to turn my head around and take another look, just to make sure it was still there and this was not a dream! I thought, "God, it’s done"! I felt like my feet were not touching the ground. I look over in the grass, the guys are picking things up......I felt good!

In my room that night I laid there thinking of the past week. I smiled and thought, "I can't believe I did that!" I felt "light", the weight was suddenly gone! I knew from that point on, there was nothing I couldn't paint. What a feeling! In later tales I find out how much I didn't know.....yet! I slept good!

The race on Saturday went smooth. Nobody slid through the logo. Sunday, the race was great! Earnhardt won! If someone slid through the grass and damaged it, it didn't matter. The race was over and I was ready to go home. I couldn't wait!

There was a staff party after the race. Everyone gathers for food, beer and talk. I thought I would go just for a while. Mike Helton was there. He was the president of Talladega Super Speedway at the time. He got up, called me up in front of everyone, put his arm around me and thanked me for coming down and getting them out of a bind! He also praised me for the fine job on the logo! If he only knew! Mike is now Vice President of Competition in NASCAR. We see each other a couple times a year at different tracks, and say hello, he's a friend. At the party, he asks, "When are you going home?" "I'm headed out right now." He said, "I think you better stay another night". I said, "Ooh no, I leaving now"! I'm ready to go home"! I wanna go home now! Come to find out, that weekend was when Rodney King got his beating. Mike didn't want me driving that "marked" pace car at night. Riots were going on all over the place. He was right, I stayed.

At daybreak, while everyone was still asleep, that Thunderbird Super Coupe was smokin' the tires, heading up route 59 to Gadsen, Alabama, and on up to Chattanooga where I saw something. I was in a hurry to get home, but I had to stop the car!

Lap6: A new job at Watkins Glen International

Tony's website

Taladega Grass Painting

Taladega Grass Painting
Originally uploaded by
Sally Ann.
I came and I conquered!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Steuben County Sex Offenders

HOMOSASSA, FL (AP) -- A registered sex offender with an extensive criminal history confessed Friday to killing 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford, who went missing from her Florida home more than three weeks ago, officials said. John Evander Couey admitted abducting and killing Jessica, who had disappeared from her home on Feb. 23, Citrus County Sheriff Jeff Dawsy said. Deputies Friday blocked off an area near the home of Couey's half-sister, about 150 yards from where Jessica lived with her father and grandparents.

Note from Sallyann: In light of this development, I am re-posting the Steuben County Level Three Sex Offenders site. I called the Corning Police Department tonight to get their Sex Offender website, but Lt. Swan, the officer in charge of this matter was not available to give me the information. I will post the Corning sex offender website after 2 p.m. tomorrow after I speak with Lt. Swan. Click on the headline, "Steuben County Sex Offenders" to view their pictures and info.

Level Three- Sex Offenders

The offender has been assigned a risk level of 3, which means the risk to the community is high. Under the law, Police may disseminate relevant information which may include the sex offender's name, exact address, address of the offender's place of employment, a photo of offender, background information including the offender's crime of conviction, modus of operation, type of victim targeted, name and address of any institution of higher education at which sex offender is enrolled, attending, employed or residing at and the description of special conditions imposed on the offender to any entity with vulnerable populations related to the nature of the offense committed by such sex offender.

These are ONLY Steuben County Sheriff's Level 3 Sex Offenders, the local Police Departments in this county, have their own lists.

Crowd at Randy Kuhl Town Meeting

This is a test photo post to see if "flickr" is going to work. I picked this shot because I had such good reflective lighting thanks to Elmer Huels bald head. Kitty and Dick Pierce next to Elmer and then Mr. Thomas. Don't know the rest of the front row. Bill Canfield and Fran Woodring in the back row next to a couple of people I didn't know and then David Quackenbush on the very end.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

May The Wind Be At Your Back

Note From Sallyann: Tried all morning to get a "St.Patrick's Day" photo to "stick" on the blog. Failed several times. Flickr's server needs to burp before I'll try posting again. NOT. So I said the hell with it....Here's a little of my own green! At least the Irish Blessing stuck.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Some Irish Blessings

May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face.
And rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

New Yorkers---Wake Up! Or we're on our way to ruin

Note from Sallyann: I know some of the political articles I post on the Red-StaterWisdoms blog are drier than three-day-old-bread, but if you love your town and your state and plan on living here, you'll grab a glass of milk to help get you through this article. It's that important! Kathy Biggio sent me the Business Council of New York State newsletter with this choice bit of information that every New Yorker should know. We thought it was appropriate coming on the heels of the Lindley Town Board Resolutions they adopted at the recent town board meeting, March 8, 2005. (Refer to "Lindley Town Board Sends Message to Albany" post below.)

Federal Reserve study: New York's high spending, taxes aren't based on need
A new study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston confirms that New York's taxes are by far the highest in the country -- and finds that social needs don't seem to explain the heavy tax burden.

The "tax effort" required of New York's workers and businesses is 43 percent higher than the national average, according to the study. That level is far above any other state; even the state with the second-highest tax effort, Connecticut, was only 19 percent above average.

Tax effort measures how much state and local governments in each state collect in taxes, compared to the revenue-generating capacity of the state's economy.

Federal Reserve economists also calculated "fiscal need" in each state. That index includes measures such as the poverty rate, the proportion of residents who are school-aged, and number of vehicle-miles traveled.

New York State's fiscal need was only 1 percent above the national average, the study found. After adjusting for need, state and local government spending in New York is at least 35 percent above average in such major areas as education, public welfare, health/hospitals, highways, and police/corrections, the Federal Reserve study concluded.

The study also found New York's tax effort is especially high in these areas:

*Personal income taxes, where New York is No. 1 among the states, 71 percent above average.
*Corporate income taxes, 83 percent above average.
*Property taxes, 48 percent above average.

Most of the differences in taxes and spending among states appear to be based on political and policy decisions, rather than differences in wealth and ability to generate revenue, economists Robert Tannenwald and Nicholas Turner concluded.

"States with low levels of public expenditures tend to spend less because they want to, not because they are constrained by a lack of revenue," they wrote. "States have unique preferences for public services."

The Federal Reserve report, based on data from fiscal 1999, is available at

Me again: Another tidbit from the Business Council of New York State newsletter: A new report from the Manhattan Institute which questioned the return on investment that New York's taxpayers get from school funding. "The report showed that despite the highest per-pupil spending in the nation, New York's schools ranked only 41st among 50 states in graduation rates. " The findings of the report came two days after a state Supreme Court justice ordered billions in new funding for New York City schools.

Lindley Town Board Sends Strong Message to Albany

By action of the Town of Lindley Town Board, adopted at its meeting on March 8, 2005, it was

RESOLVED that the following recommendations be submitted to New York State Senators George H. Winner Jr. and Joseph Bruno, New York Senate Assembly Representatives, James G. Bacalles and Sheldon Silver, and Governor George Pataki, with a letter on the behalf of the Citizens of The Town Of Lindley urging their immediate attention.

  • WHEREAS the residents of the Town of Lindley have collectively considered the local issues of the greatest concern to them and identified high property taxes as one of the highest priority among them; and
  • WHEREAS funding for local governmental services, including public education, is provided primarily through a tax on the estimated value of property; and
  • WHEREAS the welfare of the Town of Lindley homeowners is jeopardized by the rapid increase in the costs of public education and the inability of many homeowners to pay these increases costs; and
  • WHEREAS the increasing burden of public education on taxpayers also impacts on the ability to raise other taxes to provide services and to fund Town-specifics and local initiatives important to the well being of the community.
  • THEREFORE the Town Board of the Town of Lindley appeals to New York State Public officials to implement new measures for financing public education, including the following suggested actions:
  1. Decrease the revenue raised from tax sources based on the value of dwellings.
  2. Refrain from imposing state mandated requirements upon school systems without corresponding state funding.
  3. Adjust the formulas on revenue earmarked as aid to education from state lottery and other future gaming activities so tha the annual percentage is substantially increased from current levels.
  4. Maintain the enhanced STAR exemption for the town's citizens, but also increase the STAR exemption for the Senior Citizens.
  5. All up state taxes should stay upstate.

Resolved and Executed at Lindley, New York, this 8th day of March 2005.

Some More Friends to Reach Out To

pen pal
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A little bird flew in my window today and reminded me of two other longtime Lindley citizens who could use a little cheering up. Ron Gee and Joe Young are both at Three Rivers and share a room together.

Send cards and notes to:
The Waters of Three Rivers
101 Creekside Drive
Painted Post, New York 14870
c/o Ron Gee
c/o Joe Young

We remember Joe and Ron your contributions to this humble valley.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

East Lawrence Road Fire

East Lawrence Road Fire
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Firefighters from Tioga, Lawrenceville and Lindley-Presho had the fire out by the time I arrived. The trailer, situated next to the road in the C & N Trailer Park on East Lawrence Road in PA, belonged to Rose Croft and Keven Heffner. Judy Croft, Rose's mother, said Rose was in the front of the trailer when the smoke alarm went off. She said Rose smelled a lot of smoke coming from the back end of the trailer where her washer and dryer were. She got out in a hurry and ran next door to call the fire department. I couldn't tell because it was so dark, but it looked like the inside towards the back end of the trailer was heavily damaged. After the fire was out, firefighters let Kevin back inside the trailer to get important papers and their pictures.

Lindley-Presho Fire Department Called Out for Full Response to East Lawrence Road for Structure Fire

Get Well Shawn and Dick

Get Well
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Note from Sallyann:

This "Get Well Card" goes out to Dick Johnson, Lindley Road Superintendent and Shawn Semple, son of Harold Semple, Town Supervisor. Dick had prostate surgery last week and we're thinking about him and wishing him a good recovery. I understand he had the surgery at Arnot Ogden in Elmira. Also Shawn Semple is in Robert Packer in Sayre. His kidneys stopped functioning last week and he is on dialysis at present and they are hoping for his kidneys to start functioning again. I'm sure Shawn and Dick would appreciate receiving cards and good wishes. Please send cards to:

Town Hall
Route 15
Lindley, New York 14858
c/o Dick Johnson and Shawn Semple

Get well soon.Our hearts and prayers are with you.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Rants of the Week

The Atlanta shootings: Is it all that unreasonable to think that a 100 and something pound, armed grandmother who escorts a 200 pound man in his physical prime into a court shouldn’t be allowed to do that? Ask a feminist what she thinks. And if you agree with her answer, then meet me at the parking lot in the abandoned K-mart store in Erwin and watch how many 200 pound men I can “take to the mat.” Oh yeah….I’ll have an advantage. I’ll be armed.

Terry Schiavo: Michael Schiavo, Terry’s husband, should divorce Terry and return her to her parents. How hard is that? Since when, in these days where the sanctity of marriage doesn’t mean much to half the couples in the US (50% divorce rate for first marriage divorces, 60% divorce rate for second marriages.) do the rights of an absentee husband override the incontestable love, devotion and rights of Terry’s parents? Especially when the parents have been at Terry’s side since 1990, as any parent would be, while Michael went on with his life and took on a live-in girlfriend and sired a couple of kids. Michael Schiavo does not have Terry’s interest at heart. He’s in a battle with Terry’s parents and he’s a control freak. This is about beating the parents. It doesn’t have anything to do with Terry. Michael Schiavo should move on. The Florida courts have ordered Terry’s feeding tubes removed on March 18th. Terry will die an agonizing, protracted death, to be sure. But so won’t her parents right along with her. Where’s the closure and morality in that?

Drug and alcohol counselors needed in Steuben County as abuse rises: According to a Leader article today, County Office of Community Services Director Robert Anderson said, “The county treatment program serves largely indigent (poor) clients and receives as much a $50,000 PER CASE annually, through insurance providers, Medicaid or private pay. However, he said, the reimbursements DO NOT MEET THE COST OF SALARIES AND BENEFITS, OPERATIONAL COSTS AND OTHER PROGRAM EXPENDITURES.” Aiiiiii……Yiiiiiii……Yi! The crisis is about “clients” having to wait 90 days before they get counseling because the county lost three or four counselors when a “key clinic” was closed TO SAVE THE STATE MONEY. The article also mentions “the number of clinical admissions for substance abuse in Steuben County has climbed steadily since 1999. The state reported 341 admissions in Steuben County in 2003, compared to 245 in 1999.” Well this is a no-brainer if you’ve been paying attention: NO JOBS. The economy tanked in 1999-2000 when the “tech bubble burst” in the stock market. Then came Enron and all the other corporate scandals, and then of course, the attack on 9/11. Our economy wasn’t worth squat then. Lousy economy, no jobs, drug abuse goes up as do divorces and crime. The $50,000 it cost taxpayers to counsel substance abusers would be better spent if given/loaned to small businesses in the area for capital improvements and to create jobs. How hard is that? $50,000 per client! I'd like to know how many clients the county actually "cures".

Lindley Town Board Meeting-March

Board members: Harold Semple-Town Supervisor
Paul Stermer-Councilman
Gerald Simcoe-Councilman
Paul Mortzheim-Councilman
Jacob Gross-Councilman

Approximately 11 people attending.

Harold had some concerns about Jacob Gross being appointed to Councilman. (Note from Sallyann: The conflict of interest issue was raised through the "Community Forum site"on the Red-StaterWisdoms blog. A few citizens questioned if it was legal for Jake to serve on the town board and his wife, Gerry to serve on the planning board simultaneously. After the alledged conflict became public, I asked Harold to research Lindley Town Law to find out if there was a law on the books that addressed the issue.) Harold checked with Kent Woloson, town lawyer, and reported there is no conflict of positions when one spouse serves in the elective position of councilman or supervisor even if appointed or the other spouse is an appointed member of the planning board.

Code Enforcement Report: Dave issued two permits, the process server issued two tickets; one to Mr. Heffner and one to Mr. Wilson.

Fran Woodring: Wished Jake Gross good luck in his position of Councilman.

Kitty Pierce, Town Historian: Asked the Town Board about changing the name of the New York Central to the Seeley/Guiles Cemetery. The Town Board said it was okay for Kitty to look into changing the name.

Dick Pierce: Asked if the Old Town Hall and his empty lot had to have the green reflective
9-1-1 numbers. Dave, CEO, said they have to be marked and noted there is a letter with 9-1-1 information outside the Town Clerk's window.

Mary Lentzen, Planning Board Chairperson: Said she received a letter from STD, her garbage people, in reviewing the safety for their drivers and equipment collecting trash in some areas. They regret to inform people who live on Manley Hill Road they will no longer be serving them. Will something be done about the road?

Letters of interest:
1.) The town receive a FEMA check in the amount of $36,616.99 for Preston, Watson and Stoddard Roads.
2.) NYMIR (insurance): There should be no more than a 2.9% increase in the insurance for this year.
3.) NYS Real Property Assessment Ratio: 4.38%
4.) Thank you letter from Emergency Services for the $500.
5.) Letter from Steuben County Legislator, Phil Roche, who sent a Resolution to put a cap on Medicaid. Paul Mortzheim made the motion to write a resolution and letter to agree with the Medicaid Cap. Seconded by Gerry. Paul S.-yes, Jake-yes, Gerry-yes, Paul M.-yes. (Adopted)
6.) Association of Towns: Asked for a Resolution for property tax reform. The Town Board agreed and made some of their own recommendations.

Dick gave the Town Board a copy of the agreement to spend Town Highway Funds. All Board signed the agreement. Dick will send a copy of agreement to the county.

Mary Lentzen and Harold attended the Southern Tier Dinner. They said a job well done on the Town of Lindley Master Plan.

Little League sent a letter to have the town sponsor a Little League team. The consensus of the Town Board-the policy of the Youth money is to be given out in November when the groups send letters, rosters of the children who live in Lindley. The money will then be issued to the groups.

Amber Breans: Asked to rent the town hall for her Pampered Chef party. The consensus of the Town Board was- the town hall will only be used for non-profit organizations.

Dee asked if the election inspector's pay could be increased from $6.15 to $7.15 per hour. The Town Board okayed the increase.

Respectfully submitted,
Dee Hill, Town Clerk

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Tony Vickio-Lap 4

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The "statute of limitations" had run out. I could tell this story.

Tony Vickio-Lap 4

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Experiences of "The World Famous"
by: Tony Vickio

Painting at the Famous Race Tracks

Lap 4: Layout the grass painting

It is early Wednesday morning. Not a cloud in the sky, no wind, what a beautiful day! Stopped at the Deli on the way in, got a coffee and a slice of Homemade Apple Pie. It was about three inches thick! One strange thing, no matter when I went in the Deli, the same people were always working. Didn't they ever sleep? I paid the "honey" lady and went outside. A couple of young guys were looking at the Pace Car. They wanted to know the usual....."How fast ya had it"? "Not very fast", I told them. Little did I know that was about to change! I talked to them for a few more minutes, got in the car and drove to the track.

I turned off the two lane road, now a four lane, onto the "30 lane, down through the dark, wet tunnel (seemed there was always a little water at the bottom of the tunnel. It splashed against the sides as you drove through. Normal, but being is this small tunnel, the echo made it sound like a jet engine), up the other side and into the sunlight. Yeah.....I can't help it.............I had to blow the horn while I was in there! I proceeded down an access road, turned right, drove through the gate to the garage area and past the "deadly" fence. Right there, not ten feet from the car, by the garage area is the fence Davey Allison hit while landing his helicopter and was killed. I thought "how good he might have been", and drove on.

I was on a mission. In the garage area, I went thru another gate, (they are gates all over the place), that lead to Pit Lane. I drove down Pit Lane to the center and stopped. I look to my right and the Tri-Oval grass, where the logo will be painted! I then look straight ahead, hands 10 and 2 on the steering wheel, and think, "What the hell, nobody's here"! With eyes glazed over, teeth clenched, a little drool down the chin, I slam the '92 Turbo Charged Thunderbird Super Coupe Pace Car into gear and floor it! Under full acceleration, I fly down Pit Lane! Around the access lane at the bottom of the banking and on to the racing surface on the back straight! Foot to the floor! 90, 95, 100, 110 and into Turn 3! Not lifting off the gas I go into Turn 3. The banking is unbelievable! The track is so long and the banking is so steep, you do not feel the speed. I put the car right up next to the wall! What a feeling on the 34 degree banking. Even at a 100 I can feel the car wanting to turn down the banking. Out of Turn 4, "pedal to the metal", and down the front straight! The engine is winding up a little more to it’s redline! 132 mph! Fast as the Turbo Super Coupe would go! I did one more lap without lifting. Going into the turns, the banking would actually slow you down a little. 132 mph was as fast as the Thunderbird would go.(I had about ten years of racing experience to this point driving Late Models and Modifieds, I felt at home ). One more lap (I couldn't stop) and I pull into Pit Lane, before I blew the engine or a tire, and ever so slowly come to a stop. The Statute of Limitations had run out by now, so I could tell this story! I take a deep breath, hands still at 10 and 2 on the wheel, let it out slowly and I think, "Who the hell needs drugs when have this. Holy Crap! What a ride!”

Eyes wide open, a grin from ear to ear, I look over to my right at the "GRASS". My hands drop off of the wheel, the grin turns to a grimace, my wide open eyes close to just two small slits. The "GRASS" had become the enemy! I don't know how long I was staring at it, but I realized I need coffee. I grab my coffee mug out of the holder, reach for my apple pie,........its gone! "Oh No! My 3 inch thick pie!"! I look around, there it is, squashed between the passenger door and the seat. It's now a half inch thick and all covered in sand from the carpet! "Oh well, the laps were worth it", I thought. I get out of the car, mug in hand, walk over to the grass and just stand there. As I take a sip of my coffee, I can hear the sweetest sound behind me! In the still Alabama air, I can hear the car cooling down, snapping and cracking from the high speed run. I love that sound! "You just rode the horse hard, and put it away wet!"

I am alone on the "battlefield" surrounded by the enemy GRASS, the sun rising over the retaining wall at Turn 3. The shadows were moving away quickly. With all the doubt I had yesterday, this morning I have some confidence. Somehow, I am going to do this. I take a sip of coffee and in an instant, the confidence thing disappears and panic washes over my whole body! I hear a vehicle coming. I turn to look. My helpers are here. Mike, from Daytona, and two maintenance men pull up in a couple of pick up trucks. They all jump out and Raymond runs to the middle of the 6 acre tri-oval GRASS, looking around like he's thinking, "how did I get here?" I'm thinking, shaking my head, "Oh my God! What the hell do we now"? Not wanting to show how I really felt (running, waving my arms, screaming obscenities and puking as I ran), I said, "Let’s gitter done!” thinking at the same time, "Oh crap, somebody help me"!!!

I took the drawing to the motel the night before to study it. As I laid on the bed with the layout in hand, I thought, "At least the weather is good." You see, on my second night in Alabama the weather wasn’t good. My room was on the second floor. Right at the top of the stairs where everyone had to pass, going up or down. I was awakened by a siren at about 2:39 a.m. A weird sounding siren, I thought. Then I heard a loudspeaker, TAKE COVER IMMEDIATELY. TORNADO WARNING! I jump up, look out the window, lightning is non stop. The rain is going by sideways! On the wall are instructions for tornados. Basically you go into the bathroom and wait! I guess if everyone is in their bathrooms, it is easier to find the bodies. I was scared! I go into the bathroom and sit on the edge of the bathtub for about twenty minutes. Finally another announcement, ALL CLEAR! Back to bed! I went to sleep...sort of.

Last night the weather was perfect as I laid in bed studying the layout. At first it was just a mass of numbers. "Someone did this before", I keep reminding myself. I had to figure it out. If Mike hadn't remembered the two tapes, top and bottom, I may not have figured it out!

This morning on the GRASS, surrounded by my army, we were about to attack! Acting like I knew what I was doing, we found a center line of the grass tri-oval. Knowing the length of the logo (165 feet) we put a peg in the ground at one end of the logo and another one at the other end, connected with a string. This would define the top of the word "Talladega”. This line would run parallel with Pit Lane. Next, we laid a 200 foot tape across where the top of the letters would be, right by the string. 30 feet down from the top tape (the height of the letters) we did the same thing. I needed more help. I get on my radio (you have to have radios here because this place is so big. It would take twenty minutes to drive to the shop, get help and drive back) and ask for two more men. By the time they arrive, I get more nervous as we are getting closer to laying out this 4,950 square foot logo. It will be about 165 feet long x 30 feet high. At the time, this was the largest sign I had ever seen!

Now we have two tapes on the ground, one above the letters, one below. I place one man on the top tape and one on the bottom. Mike remembers another part! Flags! In the storage shed was a pail full of heavy gauge wires, about 8" long that had little red flags on them. They had paint on them, so they must have been used for marking the points of the logo. That's what we figured anyway. I think, "We are ready"! We start a "0" on the two horizontal tapes, which is the left side of the layout. From the drawing, I read the first point, 14 inches. The two men (top and bottom) move together, to the right to 14 inches on their tapes. These two men are holding a 30 foot tape between them (vertical, the height of the letter). I read out another measurement, and the man on the 30 foot vertical tape, moves up or down the tape, to his mark, and puts a flag in the ground on that spot. (For example, the letter "T" would take 8 points to layout). We proceed, letter by letter, down the logo. Once we got the hang of it, it goes pretty good! Finally, the layout was on the ground. Was it right? I went by the layout on the drawing, standing on the ground, you can't see the logo, it too big. You have to trust the layout, but I didn't know if it was right.

Done, I sat on the grass, completely drained, not by any labor, but by the mental stress! I can't really believe what we just did! Just as my ass hit the grass, someone yelled at the top of their lungs "Don't sit on the %****ng grass you %****ng idiot!" I jumped up wondering, "What the hell is the problem"? One of the guys holding a tape, walked over and in a deep, calm, southern drawl says..........."Fire Ants." I jump up, slapping my ass with my hands, trying to wipe off any fire ants that may have gotten on me. I "said, "Thanks". In the south, fire ants are akin to what bee’s are in the north. They sting like all get out if they bite you. Part of preparing the track before a race is to spray all the fire ant hills in the grass.

This layout took most of the day. We had early problems, such as two of the guys couldn't read a tape! It took some time to find two more men who could! As I looked at the layout, I thought again, "Right or wrong, there it is". When you get back and look at this layout, all you see is green grass and a %***in' mass of red flags! Remember, you are standing on the ground and can't see this layout from the sky. No shape, no idea of what it says, just grass and this mass of red flags. I shook my head and walked to my car thinking "Oh my God! Tomorrow, WE PAINT!"

Billy wanted to drink beer. I was done for the night. To the motel I went. I couldn't get to sleep. I kept thinking, "What if the layout wrong. One mistake will screw up the logo from that point on." The only way to see it is to paint. Then I thought, "What happens if you make a mistake. You can't erase it! What do you do?" I curled up in the fetal position on the bed and went to sleep!

I get there early. I am so nervous! I'm down here in Alabama, alone, and getting ready to paint a sign that will determine if I'm IN or OUT of the track painting business. I have never done or thought of anything like this before. I'm thinking, "If you paint a 30 foot letter on the grass and it’s wrong, you just don't wipe it off"! You have to be RIGHT the first time! Oh God!

The next morning, I pull into the Deli, coffee, Apple Pie and drive to the track. Standing on the grass, sipping coffee, my thoughts of disaster are broken by the sound of an old pickup truck carrying two airless paint sprayers and a trailer with about fifty, five gallon pails of paint. The helpers unload the "stuff" and all I can think is "Oh my God"! I look at the paint and say, not thinking before I speak, "That paint is enamel. You can't put 250 gallons of enamel on the ground. It’s contamination, pollution. The DEC will be all over our ass. The guy, with a cowboy hat, sunglasses and toothpick, looked at me without any expression on his face and said, "Ur in Alabama boy, there ain't no rules down here!" I took another sip of coffee and thought..............."Its time to paint!"

In the next installment, Lap 5 - We Paint the logo!